Tuesday, June 25, 2013

spiritual enlightenment here.

the Elders and the Welches are very close here. we live a couple buildings away from each other. we bake them cookies. they teach investigators at our place, they drop by unexpectedly to see if we need anything. we've gotten really close to these two. last Saturday they asked if they could come over to share a message with us. this has never happened-usually the visits are for new members, or investigators, dropping off tupperware from cookies we gave them...etc. we agreed, and i'm a little stressed out because i had to work all day, and wanted some more time to prepare my lesson, and this might cut into my time! well, wouldn't you know, those Elders sure know what they're doing. they had a very relevant discussion with us about something we were struggling with this week (how did they know!?) and then showed us this video. it spoke to my heart, and i can still feel the spirit it left in our home. so beautiful.
i love how alive and active missionary work is here. Addison and i have the opportunity every week to serve the Elders and investigators in some way. i've never had that experience before. it seems like missionary work is so much less scary here. maybe it's because you're surrounded by people you don't personally know. i hope it is something i grasp here, and bring home with me. because it has been such a blessing to me and Addison, even just to witness. an 86 year old Baptist minister just joined our ward this past week, and he's in my gospel principles class. the change that he has undergone is massive. it's just amazing. the gospel is true!

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TyandMar said...

Your mom sent this to me the other day. It was very timely after I'd had a conversation with her about my brother Nate struggling. I forwarded this on to him. He really appreciated it.
Thanks for sharing! You helped me and my brother!!