Sunday, June 23, 2013

so a few weeks ago i was sitting in our Sunday School lesson at church. i was in gospel principles with all the investigators and new members, and as the teacher was spouting off dates and scriptures and explaining really hard things to people who'd never heard this about our gospel i thought to myself, "i am so glad i am sitting down here, and he is up there." about 2 minutes later, a member of the bishopric poked his head through the door and beckoned for me to come see him....

he informed me that he had a calling for me as the new gospel principles teacher.

wow, the Lord works in mysterious ways. i was scared out of my mind, but accepted the calling. now that i've had a few weeks to mull it over, i'm still scared witless, but have received confirmation that this is exactly where i'm supposed to be. i'm on a rotation, so i only have to teach once a month or so :) oddly enough, all the other teachers are these spiritual giants-all 4 men in their 30's who've served a mission, and whose lessons blow my mind every week...and then little 23 year old me. haha, i'm baffled.

anyway, i gave my first lesson today on the "gifts of the spirit", which can get a little hokey pretty fast, as you're talking to investigators about the gift of tongues and really powerful things like that. but the Lord heard my prayers and concerns and the class went so smoothly. this is my first "adult" calling...i have taught primary the last few years, and am not used to peoples comments in class being relevant and so intelligent! usually the kids i teach raise their hands and say something like, "i like my dog." so that was something to get used to, but i fell in a groove, and LOVED all the comments!

it's cool to learn new abilities you have, that will hopefully turn into strengths one day. it's cool to know that the Lord has these things and challenges in mind for you to grow into your full potential.

we've had a pretty spiritual week around here, lots of little miracles happening for Addi and I's little family. i love those little things that are HUGE to you, because you're looking for them, and the Lord just throws you a little tender mercy. i really love this gospel and the perfection in the plan of happiness.

Oh! and PS-i think i may have made 2 new friends at church today :) 
another little tender mercy from the Lord!

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TyandMar said...

Woah! No way! I've always been nervous to be a Gospel Doctrine teacher, so I feel your pain. Though I'm POSITIVE that you are a wonderful teacher. So no need to have anxiety over it! I'm sure you'll do great. Good luck!