Sunday, June 9, 2013

a week of bliss.

our trip to Utah is over. i may or may not have been in mourning this past week that we are back in Orlando...and been unable to reminisce on our near perfect week. but it's been a week, and i think i better suck it up. our week was filled with FAMILY, friends, and a heavenly funeral. i think we ate at all the places we said we needed our fix on. i was very focused on being in the moment, therefore, the pictures i got were fairly sporadic and random. that being said, here goes!
 Lyle and I at the viewing.
 Momma Melinda and Lyle.
 Addi and I at the viewing.
My family got together for a quick Memorial Day weekend reuinion.
Addi and I were in charge of games-of course we launched water balloons.
 we met the twins!

 this is how we spent the majority of the reunion. COVERED in kids!

It was also Addisons' Birthday!
It's the first time he's been home for a birthday for a decade.

 Charlotte was really excited too.
we played charades, opened gifts, solved the worlds' problems, gave the best-and most needed hugs, ate pie, and soaked each other all in! how i miss these guys.


Melwel said...

These pictures make me weep. Thanks for sharing your life. Love you

TyandMar said...

What great pictures Bre. We miss you guys already. So glad we were able to spend some lovely time with you guys though. Hope all is well in Orlando. :)