Thursday, May 23, 2013

dearest Sheri,

I am so grateful for the short time we spent together in this life. You taught me to love unconditionally, to embrace my divine nature as a daughter of God, that I am more than I could ever understand, and that life is that we might have joy. You have influenced my very core. I love you. I can't wait for our sweet embrace in the next life.

Grandma has been struggling with cancer for a couple years now. She fought, with her famous grace, through two treatments of chemotherapy. We thought she had it licked, and grandma would never let us think otherwise ;) Her optimism kept us all positive. With her angelic demeanor she was constantly serving, and spreading light. 
Things are not so different now.

 This is what grandma and I's last hug looked like: a combination of sending my sister (AKA my twin) and a mail hug was as close as we could get. I feel so much comfort knowing she can come visit us in Florida now any time she wants! I felt like I was performing for her all day yesterday.

Addi and I have been going through pictures of grandma on our computer...and what we've found is quite hilarious. In maybe 1/2 of these pictures, grandma is sporting a mustache. What a good sport! It really does show how much she understood that the purpose of life was to find joy-she was never afraid to find it in the most unlikely of places. Here's a little sampling:
what joy :)
till we meet again.

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