Wednesday, May 15, 2013

an audition, a jedi, and flashfloods.

Addison and i had an audition for, "Finding Nemo the Musical", which was a blast. we got two callbacks. they had me read for Coral/Peach, and Addison for Gil. we won't hear back for months now. you know, the more i've been here the more i have missed musical theatre. i miss singing! i miss developing a character and relationships. i miss working with a cast. currently i work with new people every day, which is exciting, but also very exhausting. it's so nice to see a familiar face around the tunnels! there are just so many people that i have nothing in common with, and many that i don't wish to! haha, but being in a cast is like a family, so this would be an incredible opportunity-but we're not holding our breaths!
 i met Luke Skywalker the other day on the way to work :)
 i also got caught in a flash flood. i was SOAKED.
 we went to T-REX with our friends Cory and Joe, and had a blast! 
we haven't been on a double date in months!
what a smorgasbord post! have a wonderful day!

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