Saturday, May 25, 2013

welcome to the family.

"Point to your best feature!"
 "Mother, I caught one!!"
need i say more?

Friday, May 24, 2013

an unexpected journey.

i've started packing for our trek back to Utah. Addison and i never planned on going back to Utah until we moved back, so this will be a little mental shift for me. i get really homesick out here, so i geared my mind to not even think about Utah for another year, but now i get to :) as hard as the reason is for our returning, our trip will be full of family, friends, and new life as well. also,  it's Addisons birthday this next week, and he will be with his family celebrating for the first time in YEARS. we leave sunday, and will be gone for a week. 

we've had some changes around the house...
rugs make such a difference huh?
we also tested out typhoon lagoon this week!

it was pretty awesome. they have this salt water tank that you grab a snorkel and can swim over top of sharks! (just little baby one) but still, so rad. that was our favorite part.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

you need to watch this.

So, if you're looking for a new summer show to watch, I've become addicted to one. "Call the Midwife"-disclaimer: being a midwife show there are many birthing scenes. It's memoirs of a midwife in London in the 1950's. If you're feeling the  Downton Abbey hole, this just might fill it.
Each episode is a bit controversial, just enough to keep it juicy for me-without being reality tv. You can find the first season on Netflix, and the second on :) 
you're welcome.

dearest Sheri,

I am so grateful for the short time we spent together in this life. You taught me to love unconditionally, to embrace my divine nature as a daughter of God, that I am more than I could ever understand, and that life is that we might have joy. You have influenced my very core. I love you. I can't wait for our sweet embrace in the next life.

Grandma has been struggling with cancer for a couple years now. She fought, with her famous grace, through two treatments of chemotherapy. We thought she had it licked, and grandma would never let us think otherwise ;) Her optimism kept us all positive. With her angelic demeanor she was constantly serving, and spreading light. 
Things are not so different now.

 This is what grandma and I's last hug looked like: a combination of sending my sister (AKA my twin) and a mail hug was as close as we could get. I feel so much comfort knowing she can come visit us in Florida now any time she wants! I felt like I was performing for her all day yesterday.

Addi and I have been going through pictures of grandma on our computer...and what we've found is quite hilarious. In maybe 1/2 of these pictures, grandma is sporting a mustache. What a good sport! It really does show how much she understood that the purpose of life was to find joy-she was never afraid to find it in the most unlikely of places. Here's a little sampling:
what joy :)
till we meet again.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

an audition, a jedi, and flashfloods.

Addison and i had an audition for, "Finding Nemo the Musical", which was a blast. we got two callbacks. they had me read for Coral/Peach, and Addison for Gil. we won't hear back for months now. you know, the more i've been here the more i have missed musical theatre. i miss singing! i miss developing a character and relationships. i miss working with a cast. currently i work with new people every day, which is exciting, but also very exhausting. it's so nice to see a familiar face around the tunnels! there are just so many people that i have nothing in common with, and many that i don't wish to! haha, but being in a cast is like a family, so this would be an incredible opportunity-but we're not holding our breaths!
 i met Luke Skywalker the other day on the way to work :)
 i also got caught in a flash flood. i was SOAKED.
 we went to T-REX with our friends Cory and Joe, and had a blast! 
we haven't been on a double date in months!
what a smorgasbord post! have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

the little jetta that could.

okay, so now that's it's been about a week since the incident, i guess i can finally talk about it. some of you may recall that when Addison and I first journeyed down to Florida in our two blue cars, with all our belongings in them, we had a little mishap about 60 miles out of Orlando. you see, if you're in Utah, when you go to a gas station, quite literally every pump that has a green handle, is a diesel pump-everyone knows this, and it is a very smart concept. now, i've driven a diesel for about 2 years in Utah, and never had an issue with getting this concept mixed up. 

so, back in January, we're going along-it's our 3rd day straight of driving-and we're on a high, knowing that we are just a mere hour away from our journey's end. we stop off at a gas station to fill up the Prius, and while we're there, my dad decides to top off the Jetta (diesel engine). now this Jetta belonged to my father for a good 5 years before it passed down to us. he knows just about everything about cars, and has owned more than a few diesels in his years. we're on the road again, and about 2 miles down, the Jetta sputters to a stop. literally, 1 hour away from our destination. It's about 9 PM at this time, we're so tired, and ready to throw in the towel. we get the car off the freeway and start trying to figure out what the problem could be. we're there for about an hour, trying to diagnose things ourselves. Addison and I decided to go back a couple exists in the Prius, where we thought we saw a hotel-it was clear at this point we would not make it to Orlando that night. as we got off the exit, we thought we might just go check the gas pump...
this is what we found there. horrified, we called up my dad, and started working on a new solution. needless to say, it was the longest night of my life. we tried everything: bought our own siphoning equipment from walmart to try and empty the tank ourselves-fill up the car again to flush it out, push the car on a slope at the now, abandoned gas station, to get more gas out-then took most our stuff out of the car to try and shift the weight and pump more out. we had some Wendys. we called every mechanic in the area to come help us, everyone thought we were nuts to try and get them to work at 11 PM on a Sunday night. in one of our breaks, we sat in despair and i wrote a mean hate letter on my cell phone to bp gas stations telling them our outrage that they would put the color green anywhere near a pump that was not diesel, and demanding compensation from them for our inconvenience...i bet they had a real good laugh over that email...they did not oblige. and to add to it all-it was freezing! we had literally brought nothing for this kind of occasion that wasn't vacuum packed into the very depths of our car. we thought we were moving to FLORIDA where they don't use jackets and socks! (we now know better)

at about 12 AM, we pushed the Jetta into a parking spot, defeated. we stuffed Addi, Julie, and I into the Prius and drove to the second hotel room we had booked that night, determined to sleep before we called the mechanic in the morning to tow and fix it. (we had booked one hotel in Orlando for that night, but were never able to make it down, and they would not give us our money back...rude) they forced us into the most expensive suite they had, claiming it was the only room they had left (liars) and Addison went back to get my dad. 

upon my dad's return (now about 1 AM), he asked my mom how much cash they had all together, saying that he needed $500 cash. he said he had found two blokes at the gas station, brothers, who offered to stay up all night and pump out our car so we could be on our way the next morning...oh, and that they had already gotten started. what!? who were these guys? did you really just give them the key to our car? oh, and half of everything that we posses that is in that car? i stared wide eyed...and then gave up. i flopped into bed as Addison whispered these words, "Bre...i dunno if i should tell you this...but those guys looked so shady...and they smelled like they had just taken a swim in an alcohol pool...and as i drove away they were taking every thing we own out of the car and putting it on the gas station side walk..." my horrors were complete. i said a short prayer, asking God to prepare me to wake up without a car, any clothes, our TV, our computer, etc., and that if i was supposed to learn that people are more important than things from this experience, that i would learn it quickly, and not freak out too badly.

Around 4 AM, we got a call that our car was ready. my dad walked out and paid the blokes, and we went merrily on our way the next morning. A FREAKING MIRACLE.

so, back to last week. on Monday, i decided to be a sweet wife, and let my husband take a longer nap before work. i offered to fill up the Jetta, and let him take the Prius to work. 50 feet out of the gas station i filled up at, the car sputtered to a stop. i thought it was an old problem acting up. i got the car to a safe place, went and saw Addisons' show. and while driving the Prius home (i left the Jetta in the parking lot to deal with the next day) i drove past the pump i had used...
you can only imagine my horror. i bawled all the way home, and sat home depressed the rest of it, thinking about the damage i had caused. you'd think i'd have learned my lesson! we got it towed in the morning-insurance covered-and it cost 1/2 of what i was told. Addison didn't even miss a day of work because of it. what a blessing. 

the Lord truly knows our problems. he knows we are not perfect, and loves us anyway. i am so grateful :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

things are looking up.

sorry for the downer post yesterday. do you ever get so sick of yourself? where you all the sudden realize that you've done nothing but think of yourself all day (or all week, in my case) and you just have to shake it off? well, i'm working on it ;) on thinking of others, praising God for every good thing in my life, and not stressing about the things I can't control. it's a new day! 
Mother's Day was wonderful. I thought of these two, and their wonderful examples all day. what courageous women, who strive every day to be the daughters of God they know they are. Their faith is unwavering, and I am so grateful to have them. The Lord knew the great influence these women have on my life :)
Addi and i have had two days off IN A ROW together! which is something that hasn't happened since March, so i feel like i'm in heaven. we celebrated with a picnic in the park yesterday, and Blizzard Beach waterpark today, it was so relaxing and just the change of pace we'd been looking for.
Addi has been able to do "the Voyage of the Little Mermaid" show a couple times-i go and sit on the front row-beaming the whole time!
and this is just in case you needed a laugh today.

Sunday, May 12, 2013


I haven't bogged in a while, mostly because I have things to say, but all of which are depressing. I don't like to write about the upsetting things in life. Not that I want everyone that reads this blog to think that my life is deceitfully blissful and positive all the time. But that it feels so real to record something, almost like giving it recordable acknowledgement gives it more power? I've decided to see this in a new light. These things are real, and instead of hiding from them, I will acknowledge them, but do my best not to dwell on them here. 

It's been a rough couple weeks. Grandma Sheri's cancer took a sudden turn for the worst, and while first given about 6 months to live, they have shortened the estimate to...mmm about a week ago... Knowing that grandma would not be cheated out of her last birthday and Mother's Day this past week, I am glad to say she is still about and smiling. I got to see her gorgeous smile today for a few seconds, and it was the highlight of my week. It is truly baffling to be so far away. I don't know if my brain has, or will process this for a long time to come. We have decided to come out to Utah for the "graduation party"-as Sheri is now referring to it! But it is so hard to not hop on a plane right now to give her one last squeeze. I am just so grateful for every minute I had living with them during our marriage. Her generosity floored me every day, and her living advice and support has shaped who I am, and who I strive to be. I adore her.

I feel like I've been living under a cloud this last week. Just an odd disconnected shell. A few things have added up to my feeling this way, but I don't think I even realized the full extent until tonight. Let's just say, I am so grateful for Priesthood blessings, and my sweet Addison.