Tuesday, April 16, 2013

two thumbs up.

okay, so i've been working at Disney about 4.5 months now, and i've enjoyed just about every attraction offered at all 4 parks. i was saving one experience for when my family came, because i knew it was just that special. you would think after all this built up expectation in my mind that this certain attraction would fall short of all my wildest dreams. nay, nay. in fact, it quite fulfilled them-and then exceeded them. that is why i am going to recommend to everyone i know coming to Disneyworld to book dining reservations at "Be Our Guest": the newest dining experience Disneyworld has to offer. it offers traditional French cuisine-at a reasonable price-for the parks (about $17-30 a plate) -plus you can always drop by before 2:30PM for quick service lunch, at an even lower cost! from beginning to finish-the experience was full of story telling magic, and none of the scenery disappointed. i would have preferred to sit in the ballroom, but the West Wing proved exciting as well-especially as we were seated next to Beasts' rose-which wilted occasionally ;) we were greeted by our host (Beast) and even had a great photo opportunity with him when exiting. i ate up every minute-literally!
 I got to carry Lumiere's cousin to the table!
 our napkins were folded into hearts!

 constantly snowing!
 we tried the grey stuff-and guess what-it was DELICIOUS-and FREE ;)
beast was so happy to see us, and even spun kirsten and I around, 
and gave my mom a kiss on the hand :) 
such a gentleman.

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TyandMar said...

Oh my gosh! Looks soooo fun! I love disney magic! I feel bad Dave missed out though. :(