Monday, April 1, 2013

so loved.

i have such a wonderful family. i became an aunt at the age of 10, and now am the aunt to an ever growing amount of "niblings", as i so lovingly call them. the running total is at 17, currently ;) it's so fun...and odd to see them grow up! to see what kind of human beings they are deciding to be. they are marvelous-and you know what? they love me too!
this is my nephew Isaac-and he is so special to me. did you know he gave Addison and I his own 5 dollar bill at one of our showers for our wedding? Addison and i both still tear up to think of his generosity.

my oldest niece and i got to Facetime for a while on Sunday, and i was so excited that she wanted to just sit and chat for a long while. while all her cousins were playing outside and people were eating, she took the time to find a quiet room and have some real time with me. it meant the world.
we even wore matching outfits and didn't even know it. wow, the youth nowadays really are pretty special, aren't they? i can't wait to see what great things they do.

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