Tuesday, April 30, 2013

sing, sweet nightingale.

what a good week. a lot of my frustrations have been relieved this week, and i am so so grateful.it's been sooooo hot, and we got some rain (more like a flash flood). i've been feeling kinda lonely, and i played with friends-twice! i've been feeling kind of trapped in my job...and found out i got another friend :) i've been keeping it kind of hush, hush because my audition was a couple weeks ago and i am about the only person that hadn't been notified about how it went-so i have been so nervous these past two weeks. but i got a call yesterday, and it's official! say hello to Anastasia:
i can't wait for another redhead-and a villain at that! she is going to be just the change of pace i've been looking for. how'd The Lord know?

here are some pics of the rest of my lovely week:
Blueberry picking was divine-mostly because i got to know my church friends just a bit better. we even had Sunday dinner together too!

Addi and i have been trying to go out on dates in our limited spare time together:
 My fishy is doing rather well too:
and sometimes we find pictures like this on instagram...
life is good, and we are so blessed :)


SamanthaZ said...

Those insta pics made me tear up! How wonderful to be part of a special moment for others. One of them ever called you the best princess ever! Love you Bre!

TyandMar said...

How do you find those on insta?! Soooo cool! I love that you get to be friends with Anastasia!! Can't wait to see pics! So fun that you went blueberry picking! How enchanting! Love and miss!

Jack D S said...

Oh I'm so thrilled for you! I miss you so much!