Monday, April 15, 2013

a glorious week.

sorry i've been MIA this week-but when family is here-you gotta just dive in and soak it all up. i decided since this was such a momentous occasion, that i would pull out my big girl camera! Ohhhhh how i've missed it. i mean, the iphone is convenient, but nothing beats what you can capture with a DSLR. so here is the first of the posts of my family's first visit...
 conference weekend-we completed 4 disney themed puzzles-and listened intently, of course.
bear with me, i got LOTS of this guy-but who could resist!? Roman sure loves his aunt "B!", as he calls me. he was a pill! but SOOOOOO worth all the effort it took to keep him happy. and in his defense, we did make him sleep in my closet, did 4 park days in a row, made him nap in a stroller, and made him our constant entertainment for the week-i think it's safe to say, we wore him out.
 such a gentleman.
 happy as can be, in between these two!
 the elephants had to keep cool too! thought of Landon the whole time ;)
 grandpa and ro.
 father, son.
our first day was a total success. we saw the lion king show, nemo show, rode Everest, safari, etc. more to come!

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TyandMar said...

I'm so glad you got to have visitors! Looks like you guys had a ball!