Tuesday, April 30, 2013

sing, sweet nightingale.

what a good week. a lot of my frustrations have been relieved this week, and i am so so grateful.it's been sooooo hot, and we got some rain (more like a flash flood). i've been feeling kinda lonely, and i played with friends-twice! i've been feeling kind of trapped in my job...and found out i got another friend :) i've been keeping it kind of hush, hush because my audition was a couple weeks ago and i am about the only person that hadn't been notified about how it went-so i have been so nervous these past two weeks. but i got a call yesterday, and it's official! say hello to Anastasia:
i can't wait for another redhead-and a villain at that! she is going to be just the change of pace i've been looking for. how'd The Lord know?

here are some pics of the rest of my lovely week:
Blueberry picking was divine-mostly because i got to know my church friends just a bit better. we even had Sunday dinner together too!

Addi and i have been trying to go out on dates in our limited spare time together:
 My fishy is doing rather well too:
and sometimes we find pictures like this on instagram...
life is good, and we are so blessed :)

Monday, April 22, 2013

vacation day 2.

 i thought i'd share these priceless photos of our 2nd day of Disney magic!
 dad found his twin: grumpy!
 Roman could not contain his joy in finding some mist to cool him off.
 these caramel apple pie apples are to die for.
 stocking up treats for Fantasmic!
 Addi finally got to meet up with us after work!
xoxo-miss you family!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

pirate talk.

so last night, this funny conversation happened:

Ariel: judging by your eye patch, you must be a pirate!
Boy (of 7): yeah.
Ariel: i might have to warn Prince Eric about you! are you a vicious pirate?
Boy: well, i dunno! it's only my first day!

i almost DIED. his parents didn't even hear...gosh, it was so funny. what a sweetie.

then later this grandma got asked to get in the picture with her family and she says, "alright but i get to sit next to Ariel" she then proceeds to toddle over and squish herself right next to Ariel-and instead of putting her hands in her lap, or on Ariel's back...she slides it all the way down to Ariel's fin bum, and lets it gently rest there. we take the picture-Ariel blushing the whole time-and as she leaves, she pats Ariel's little fin bum goodbye. haha! as odd as this was, i thought it was super sweet. you see, my Grandma Betty has the tendency to do this as well. it's as if her arm gets tired half way through your hug, and her hand slides down your back and finds a little resting place. as my grandma Betty is not able to visit me, although she desperately wants to, this experience was just a little bit of Betty in that Grotto. I miss her lots, and even got to facetime her the other week!
one of my favorite photos of all time. what an amazing woman she is.

so, although this job may not be as glamorous as you would think, the people can drive you nuts, and i am not as artistically fulfilled as i would like to be...etc, these moments are what's important. all i can do is pray to heavenly father to cross paths with these people during my shift, and hope that i can bring light to them too.

i loved having my family here last week, the only problem is it made me terribly homesick. i can honestly say, i haven't really been homesick while out here. but i guess the combination of family here, plus Addison on overnight rehearsals (aka i never get to see him) makes me lonely. but i think God knew this last night, as i went into cosmetology, and not one, but 2 of my sweet friends were in there getting ready for the same time schedule. we got ready together, had our breaks together, de-prepped and went to our cars together. this NEVER happens-and it made work so lovely. we talked about London, church, future plans, etc. i really love those girls. we also figured out a day to hang out each week that works for all of us. i'm so excited. Heavenly Father really looks out for us.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

two thumbs up.

okay, so i've been working at Disney about 4.5 months now, and i've enjoyed just about every attraction offered at all 4 parks. i was saving one experience for when my family came, because i knew it was just that special. you would think after all this built up expectation in my mind that this certain attraction would fall short of all my wildest dreams. nay, nay. in fact, it quite fulfilled them-and then exceeded them. that is why i am going to recommend to everyone i know coming to Disneyworld to book dining reservations at "Be Our Guest": the newest dining experience Disneyworld has to offer. it offers traditional French cuisine-at a reasonable price-for the parks (about $17-30 a plate) -plus you can always drop by before 2:30PM for quick service lunch, at an even lower cost! from beginning to finish-the experience was full of story telling magic, and none of the scenery disappointed. i would have preferred to sit in the ballroom, but the West Wing proved exciting as well-especially as we were seated next to Beasts' rose-which wilted occasionally ;) we were greeted by our host (Beast) and even had a great photo opportunity with him when exiting. i ate up every minute-literally!
 I got to carry Lumiere's cousin to the table!
 our napkins were folded into hearts!

 constantly snowing!
 we tried the grey stuff-and guess what-it was DELICIOUS-and FREE ;)
beast was so happy to see us, and even spun kirsten and I around, 
and gave my mom a kiss on the hand :) 
such a gentleman.