Saturday, March 30, 2013

"mighty mercies"-if you will.

you know how we talk a lot about those little, "tender mercies" that God grants us in everyday life? well, while my life is certainly full of those, the last couples weeks have proven to hold more than "tender" mercies...they're more like, "mighty mercies".

  1.  first off, i have one really close friend here. she and her husband live here with their 2 sons. they helped us move in, find furniture, fed us, let us borrow all their tools, provided guidance, rides, temple trips, oh, and they're the funniest people i know-they are the bomb. seriously, so great. they announced plans of a divorce about a month and a half ago. but through the "mighty" power of God, hearts were changed, prayers were answered, and they are now starting off with a clean slate in their marriage-and working it out. incredible.
  2. my sister-in-law, Emma, was about to be induced with her 2nd child last week. she went in to her pediatricians office for her first child on a routine check up, and was advised to get a chicken pox vaccination-having never had chicken pox as a child. a few hours after leaving the office-she started getting sick. she was rushed to the hospital with a fever of 102, and the baby's heart rate up. there was talk of getting her an emergency C-section, but her fever began to drop, so they just kept watch over her overnight. the next day she was released. she fought a fever while at home over the next couple days, and was not completely well, but healthy enough to deliver a few days later. their new beautiful girl was born strong and healthy, and momma was great too! i can't wait to meet this little munchkin. congratulations Jed and Emma! introducing, Elisabetta Pearl:
  3. oh, and all of that happened the week my brother, Jed, the father of Elisabetta, was scheduled for surgery to remove, Billy, the kidney stone-that has been his faithful pal since November. all went well with the surgery :)
  4. our grandma Sheri has been battling cancer for a while now. her last set of chemo has been done for over a month, and all seemed well until the bloating in her stomach returned with full force last week. this symptom was one of the first signs of her cancer, which is pretty frightening. she had a tummy tap to remove liquid from her stomach, in which they retrieved 7.5 liters of fluid. 3 days later she was in agony, and was rushed to the hospital. they again, removed more liquid and ran a few tests, realizing that the food and water she has been taking in, hasn't been digesting past her stomach-she has some sort of blockage in between her stomach and her intestines. her intake was being trapped in her stomach and liquifying. surgery was planned the next morning to remove the blockage, but by morning...the blockage had miraculously worked itself out. she was released in that morning!
  5. and lastly, addison lost his wedding ring 2 months ago in our kitchen. i knew for sure it went down the drain, or went out with the garbage and was lost forever. last week, i decided to vacuum extremely thorough. after putting the vacuum away, i felt like i needed to vacuum the couch too. i pulled the vacuum out yet again. we eat on there a lot and i thought there might be crumbs in the creases...there was more than crumbs there. i sent this picture to addison, all smug that i was the one to find it!
    and he exclaimed back, "oh my gosh!!! i prayed so hard for that last night!!!" 
i then knew, my cleverness had nothing to do with it.

there are mighty miracles among us. it is so overwhelming to think of the Lord's love for us. he's taken extra good care of my family these last couple weeks, and my heart is full of gratitude.


Bailee said...

Bre, I loved this post! I'm so glad to hear you and your family are doing well, despite the challenges.

Not only is this post about "mighty mercies" but it's a great example of having optimism! You totally could have looked at those situations and taken something negative from each of them. Instead, you recognized the blessings.

Goodness, I admire you so much!

Good luck with everything! We miss you in Utah!

Actor said...

You two are both such wonderful examples to me. Thanks for that :)