Monday, March 18, 2013

life lately.

it's odd to think we've almost been here almost 3 months, isn't it? i've gotten to the point in my job that i have settled in i think-which is a blessing! i can now show up for a day of work, and 4/5 days know exactly what is expected of me, and can do it in the time i'm supposed to or much faster...which means i get to PLAY a lot more! i don't know if people realize how stressful this job can be. you have to be completely present, pleasant, and in the characters world all the time-and ready for any kind of curve ball.

Addison is now working in the parks-which means endless free park time. we have been dreaming and dreaming of what it would feel like-going into the park together, as employees for the first time-since last summer. we knew we needed to ride, "Peter Pan's Flight", and enjoy things we have never had time for before. here's our bliss moment.

we definitely made it over to Pan's Flight, and other classics like Pirates, Haunted Mansion, etc. but we did a few things neither of us had done before-the carousel, country bears, tiki room, aladdins magic carpets-stuff i'd never done because you never have enough time! 

aaaaand we've gotten to visit each other on the job a lot-which is one of my favorite thing to do!

i've been adjusting to Addison and i have different schedules now, i think it's the first time we haven't been stuck to each other like glue since...well, ever. even in school, we were around each other-and most the time, in the same classes. so, this will be a big adjustment. it kind of feels good to make sacrifices for your family though. it feels like time well spent.

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TyandMar said...

My brain cant quite fathom the awesomeness of being able to work at Disney with my hubby! I'm soooo envious of you two. Have so much fun on our behalf. :)