Friday, March 29, 2013

i'm sorry about the little hiatus! i have been pondering blog topics for a few days now. i know people are anxious to know what we're up to across the country-but the truth is-as exciting as working at Disney is, there's not much i can say about it here, on a public platform...which is really frustrating for me. i would love to talk about the magical, and not so magical parts of my day, but i just can't-and i'm afraid i'm going to forget all of the wondrous parts that make me love this job. i do keep a list on my phone of particular kids that stand out, or sweet/funny quotes...but things really do blend together fast! i've got to be better at writing them down.

the other truth is, we haven't made many friends. we have made a few-and they are wonderful! but we're still trying to get a hang of our schedules and better consistency, so that we can put time into those friendships. until then, addison and i are loving those quiet moments at home together. the simplicity of our lives is really wonderful right now. work, church, the beach, temple trip, thrifting, hot tubbing, playing in the parks, cooking at home. this job can be very overwhelming, and consuming! there is not a night that i don't dream about doing a shift in the grotto, or visiting numerous tables, talking about guppies and seaweed. my mind is on overload a lot from the constant chatter that is required. but i'm anxious to strengthen my friendships here, especially since i've gotten a hang on my job a bit-Addison is still in constant training. i wonder if my mom will ever get sick of me calling her everyday to talk about every detail in my life?

so, here is to writing down the magical things, and making friends. aaand, my present to you? Addisons' dance dare at Walmart:


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Melwel said...

the dance dare makes me laugh so hard. I 've watched it over and over
love ya