Saturday, February 16, 2013

Val's day.

we had a wonderful day celebrating this week. i told addison that what i wanted for Val's day was not to have to cook. he took that to heart!
 heart-shaped french toast with nutella and whipped cream!-served in bed.

 we exchanged gifts. he made me a sweet Valentine's card book-all graphically designed by him.
 i gave him this sign for his bedside-designed by me :) and "a goofy movie"--haha how fitting!
 we then had a blissful temple date doing sealings, as Addison had figured out that we had been married 2 years, 2 months, and 2 days on Valentine's day. how odd!

Look! Addi made me Zuppa Tuscano from Olive Garden for dinner! with homemade bread!? so lucky.

we finished the night off with a trip to the movies! we saw "warm bodies" and loooooved it. i don't think i'll ever grow accustomed to zombie movies. just the thought of eating flesh-uck. seriously so messed up. but this movie had just the right amount of humor. it was very well done.

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