Friday, February 15, 2013

my sweetheart.

we had quite the eventful Valentine's day! while it was jam packed with the festivities of Val's Day, the most exciting thing had nothing to with it. Addison got a call yesterday from Disney. We are now both full time Disney employees! SO exciting-and not a moment too late. we are SO grateful for this second job. what is so cool about the job Addison was offered is that he will be able to work on yet another skill for his resume-and possibly other opportunities. he got offered a puppeteering position, starting off in "the voyage of the little mermaid" show at Hollywood Studios! (i say starting off, because he could possibly then work on other shows-"lion king", disney JR., etc) had Addison ever picked up a puppet before the auditions? no. did he beat out over 600 people for the position? yes. just another one of those untapped skills Addison never seems to find the last of! ;) looks like it's going to be a very mermaid-y year for us. sooooo, what i am trying to say-is if you were on the fence about coming to visit us-now you have no choice. 
Addison will also becoming very good friends with Goofy, Baloo, Sully, Capn Hook, Jafar...and other tall characters ;) he starts on March 9th for a year contract-and we can't wait! that also means that we will probably not be coming back to Utah until about March/April of 2014...just so you know. 

i'm looking to such conversations as:

Me: hey, what time do you get off?
Addi Boo: 6, why?
Me: meet me at splash mountain at 6:30.
Addi Boo: deal. i'll bring the dole whip.

...and yes, Addison's name is my phone is "Addi Boo". thank you all for your many prayers. we are beyond grateful for this opportunity.


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SamanthaZ said...

That is so awesome! Congratulations to you both. How amazing he hadn't been a puppeteer before and he got it! That is obviously fate - and awesome skills.

TyandMar said...

So so so excited for you both. I knew he'd get a job, though! :) He's just too talented to be overlooked. Ty now says we need to find a way down to visit ya in Florida. Now what to do with the twins... :)

Jack D S said...

Gah!!! This is SO exciting! I want to come visit so bad!