Sunday, February 17, 2013

life lately.

life has been wonderful lately. i'm learning how to balance this whole working full time thing, and getting in "me" time, plus Addison time, plus church time. haha! i find myself celebrating the days i can wear my own makeup, my wedding ring, and my garments all at the same time! it's weird that all those things represent big parts of me and make me feel in balance with myself.

we loved having my father in law, Wayne, and his business partner, Bob here for a couple days! such a wonderful little taste of home. and boy, were we spoiled.
 i've also made some wonderful friends.
i had a little tour of the suite in Cinderella's Castle the other night, and let me tell you, it was beautiful. that's where all the celebrities stay, or you'd basically have to win a night there in some sweepstakes. this was the tiling when you got off the elevator. the gold tiles are literally plated in 14 karat gold. nuts!

happy sabbath all!

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