Sunday, February 24, 2013

a love letter to Sundays.

Oh, Sunday, best day of the week! I knew before working for Disney that I would be scheduled Sundays. I've never had to work on Sunday before, and while I knew it would be different, I had no idea how much it would affect the way I felt all week. so while it is a sacrifice financially to give up my Sundays, I know I will feel much better throughout the week when I do. isn't that odd how that works out? and guess what? we haven't struggled with money at all. sure, I wish I had money to blow on furniture, a puppy, clothes, and eating out, but in all honesty, if I put my greed aside-we truly could not want for anything! that is a good feeling.

Work is going well. i had a personal goal of making friends the last few days, because it is really easy to tune out at work and not get to know the people that you're going on set with. everyone has an iphone and you're all really tired, that on your breaks you really do just want to shut down...but that also makes for a really long day. plus, with a month of work under my belt, i wanted to be able to say that i had made some friends :) it's kind of fun to realize what amazing people you're with if you just take the time to find out who they really are. don't get me wrong-this is not the case all the time-but how you will you ever find the good ones if you don't talk to anyone? so hurray! i feel like i'm kind of carving a good path for Addison to come into too. so, all in all. work is good-it's not all fairytales and bubbles like everyone (including myself) would like to believe-it truly is WORK. but it is all worth it when you get that one hug-or a baby blows you the sweetest kiss-or you're given a sweet valentine with "i love you" erasers in it. seriously, the kids make it all worth it.

i just really can't wait for Addison to start work-it's gonna be interesting to see his take on things. then he'll know what i've been talking his ear off about every night.

one of the best parts about living in Florida is going to the beach on my day off. the prettiest beach is about an hour and a half away from us, called St. Pete's beach, and we take every chance we can afford to go. this last week, we went and ate at the Sea Critters Cafe-outside on the dock. after a quick dip in the ocean, i taught Addi how to do a bridge when you shuffle cards-then he schooled me at "speed"! we then made an epic sandcastle-with a bridge, a moat, and terrace for all their fancy breakfasts. it was lovely.

also, snail mail is the greatest. my sister sent me this sweet, heartfelt valentine that all her kids and her hubby wrote a message in for us. totally made our week. thanks sissy.

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