Wednesday, February 27, 2013

the grand tour.

our little place is coming together slowly, but surely. every week i come up with a new idea for something to hang on our wall, or some furniture item (from the dumpster/goodwill) to reupholster. haha, but i wouldn't have it any other way! i always have something to work on of no particular importance to anyone else but me...which is just how i like it, oddly enough (just ask Addison). you'd be surprised at how much we've spent! we came with 2 cars full of stuff-stuff, not furniture. and we've filled this whole place with everything we need and more. so i thought it was about time to give you the grand tour! we'll start in the bedroom, because that's the place i've pretty much left one goes in there! so it's the least of my worries...

lamp: $20--ikea.
bedside tables: $7 each--ikea.
bed: $400--mattress firm end of the year sale.
made that heinous wreath from coffee filters and a hula hoop...ugh...didn't turn out just how i wanted...and it is not that pretty-but it's all we have for now!
designed it myself!
frame: $5--walmart.

the living room is spacious-with vaulted ceilings for addi! it's a special treat since our last place lacked a bit in that area... oh, basement living.
pictures developed for collage: $25 + wall mount $2--walmart/ikea.
this is my favorite item in our new home-completely made it up myself, and it has the heart of Addi and I in it.
ladybug picture: $3--goodwill.
 cast connections disney shop: $15
countdown chain for when my family comes! made it myself...and yes i did paint copy paper with acrylic paint because that's what i had. have i been known to do this before? yes!
cabinet: dumpster dove for it! sanded and repainted.
frame: $4--walmart, spray painted-filled with paint chips-free!
lamp: $21--target, clearance.
left over paint chips, thread, spray paint...and a hanging plant holder that addison had in his art supplies. yarn from Goodwill-it was Martha Stewart!
computer chair: $10--goodwill.
fabric-scraps i already had.
paint: $8--home depot-leftover from the dumpster cabinet.
armchair: $40 + $6 for fabric that i reupholstered it with--both at goodwill.
mirror: from my grandma + a coat of gold spray paint. and yes, gold spray paint is my best friend.

we have a deck! it is the home for all our diy projects-we paint, sand, etc, out here. but it's also home to my whimsical garden...that is now pretty dead actually...whoops.
 the's pretty much a bathroom! but we do keep our seashell collection in there...
 yellow bowl: $3--target clearance.
kitchen table set (4): $75--craiglist.
tv stand: $20--ikea.
blue microfiber couch: $20--craiglist, it smelled like tomato soup for a bit, but i guess there are worse things for something from craigslist to smelll like. now it's just like new!

all together, i think we've done pretty well for ourselves. there's a certain pride that comes from making your space beautiful. and because we didn't have a lot of designer stuff helping out with that...we have the pride of being designers as well! it truly is a place of rest, and refuge, a place where we can feel the spirit and be ourselves-what more could you want from a home?

Sunday, February 24, 2013

a love letter to Sundays.

Oh, Sunday, best day of the week! I knew before working for Disney that I would be scheduled Sundays. I've never had to work on Sunday before, and while I knew it would be different, I had no idea how much it would affect the way I felt all week. so while it is a sacrifice financially to give up my Sundays, I know I will feel much better throughout the week when I do. isn't that odd how that works out? and guess what? we haven't struggled with money at all. sure, I wish I had money to blow on furniture, a puppy, clothes, and eating out, but in all honesty, if I put my greed aside-we truly could not want for anything! that is a good feeling.

Work is going well. i had a personal goal of making friends the last few days, because it is really easy to tune out at work and not get to know the people that you're going on set with. everyone has an iphone and you're all really tired, that on your breaks you really do just want to shut down...but that also makes for a really long day. plus, with a month of work under my belt, i wanted to be able to say that i had made some friends :) it's kind of fun to realize what amazing people you're with if you just take the time to find out who they really are. don't get me wrong-this is not the case all the time-but how you will you ever find the good ones if you don't talk to anyone? so hurray! i feel like i'm kind of carving a good path for Addison to come into too. so, all in all. work is good-it's not all fairytales and bubbles like everyone (including myself) would like to believe-it truly is WORK. but it is all worth it when you get that one hug-or a baby blows you the sweetest kiss-or you're given a sweet valentine with "i love you" erasers in it. seriously, the kids make it all worth it.

i just really can't wait for Addison to start work-it's gonna be interesting to see his take on things. then he'll know what i've been talking his ear off about every night.

one of the best parts about living in Florida is going to the beach on my day off. the prettiest beach is about an hour and a half away from us, called St. Pete's beach, and we take every chance we can afford to go. this last week, we went and ate at the Sea Critters Cafe-outside on the dock. after a quick dip in the ocean, i taught Addi how to do a bridge when you shuffle cards-then he schooled me at "speed"! we then made an epic sandcastle-with a bridge, a moat, and terrace for all their fancy breakfasts. it was lovely.

also, snail mail is the greatest. my sister sent me this sweet, heartfelt valentine that all her kids and her hubby wrote a message in for us. totally made our week. thanks sissy.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

life lately.

life has been wonderful lately. i'm learning how to balance this whole working full time thing, and getting in "me" time, plus Addison time, plus church time. haha! i find myself celebrating the days i can wear my own makeup, my wedding ring, and my garments all at the same time! it's weird that all those things represent big parts of me and make me feel in balance with myself.

we loved having my father in law, Wayne, and his business partner, Bob here for a couple days! such a wonderful little taste of home. and boy, were we spoiled.
 i've also made some wonderful friends.
i had a little tour of the suite in Cinderella's Castle the other night, and let me tell you, it was beautiful. that's where all the celebrities stay, or you'd basically have to win a night there in some sweepstakes. this was the tiling when you got off the elevator. the gold tiles are literally plated in 14 karat gold. nuts!

happy sabbath all!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Val's day.

we had a wonderful day celebrating this week. i told addison that what i wanted for Val's day was not to have to cook. he took that to heart!
 heart-shaped french toast with nutella and whipped cream!-served in bed.

 we exchanged gifts. he made me a sweet Valentine's card book-all graphically designed by him.
 i gave him this sign for his bedside-designed by me :) and "a goofy movie"--haha how fitting!
 we then had a blissful temple date doing sealings, as Addison had figured out that we had been married 2 years, 2 months, and 2 days on Valentine's day. how odd!

Look! Addi made me Zuppa Tuscano from Olive Garden for dinner! with homemade bread!? so lucky.

we finished the night off with a trip to the movies! we saw "warm bodies" and loooooved it. i don't think i'll ever grow accustomed to zombie movies. just the thought of eating flesh-uck. seriously so messed up. but this movie had just the right amount of humor. it was very well done.

Friday, February 15, 2013

my sweetheart.

we had quite the eventful Valentine's day! while it was jam packed with the festivities of Val's Day, the most exciting thing had nothing to with it. Addison got a call yesterday from Disney. We are now both full time Disney employees! SO exciting-and not a moment too late. we are SO grateful for this second job. what is so cool about the job Addison was offered is that he will be able to work on yet another skill for his resume-and possibly other opportunities. he got offered a puppeteering position, starting off in "the voyage of the little mermaid" show at Hollywood Studios! (i say starting off, because he could possibly then work on other shows-"lion king", disney JR., etc) had Addison ever picked up a puppet before the auditions? no. did he beat out over 600 people for the position? yes. just another one of those untapped skills Addison never seems to find the last of! ;) looks like it's going to be a very mermaid-y year for us. sooooo, what i am trying to say-is if you were on the fence about coming to visit us-now you have no choice. 
Addison will also becoming very good friends with Goofy, Baloo, Sully, Capn Hook, Jafar...and other tall characters ;) he starts on March 9th for a year contract-and we can't wait! that also means that we will probably not be coming back to Utah until about March/April of 2014...just so you know. 

i'm looking to such conversations as:

Me: hey, what time do you get off?
Addi Boo: 6, why?
Me: meet me at splash mountain at 6:30.
Addi Boo: deal. i'll bring the dole whip.

...and yes, Addison's name is my phone is "Addi Boo". thank you all for your many prayers. we are beyond grateful for this opportunity.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

lucy's goodbye.

so, last night, my nieces Naomi and Lucy, and my sister Emily and i were facetiming. you know catching up on all the latest, holding hands, giving kisses, giving hugs, making faces, watching the magic kingdom firework show, eating dinner....when all the sudden my phone died. i warned them that it might happen, as i had 2% battery left...but apparently my warning wasn't warning enough for some...
ohhhhh, is it sad that this counts as a total bliss moment for me? 
it's so good to know that someone misses us :)
i LOVE you LUCY!