Monday, January 28, 2013


this week has been an exciting one! I am finally in mermaid training, and I love it. i have 3 days off in a row, and we are gonna use that to our advantage with a little day vacation to the beach tomorrow! Addison has been sculpting lots (if there was ever a time that you wanted to buy something from addison-NOW is the time. email me! also, he has a puppeteering callback this week-keep your fingers crossed and your prayers a comin'!

In all my training, a common theme keeps popping up: the importance of story telling. this is something that i think makes disney theme parks different from all other theme parks-their ability and emphasis on telling the story with every ride and land they create. and when i start thinking about it, stories are what make the human experience. stories are what we learn from, in reading the bible or book of mormon. they are the legacy we leave behind and what our kids will know us from. any decent actress/actor will tell you the trick to acting is simply telling a story with a beginning, middle, and end in complete honesty. we are so blessed now a days to have so many methods to tell story-instagram, blogs, journals, facebook, music, poetry, books, magazines, etc. these are what make the human experience a constant progression; what we specifically learned form and how our experiences shape us into the person we are and want to become. it makes me want to leave a good story behind. i guess, in all honesty, that's why i'm doing this. that is why addison and i moved across the country to an apartment we've never seen, to a job that sounds like not a job at all. because one day i want to be able to tell my kids a good story. i want them to be able to relate to me. i have dreams, i'm spontaneous, i'm creative, i get scared, i love music, i get up in front of people and perform for them even though it scares me to death every time because i have something to share, i love movies, i'm quirky, sometimes i feel good about myself, sometimes i don't, sometimes i'm broke, i get tempted, i'm not perfect. but it's how we handle our imperfections and mistakes that separates a good story from a bad one. it's what we make of those dreams and ambitions that shape us. and i guess, my prayer is that knowing the type of person i was even before they came to this earth will help my kids make those hard decisions.

and that's what i want my kids to know.

sorry if i got a little serious! but i've been thinking about it a lot. why i do what i do, and why i believe it is right and important.

we love florida, it's given us a whole new vigor for life and being the type of people we've always wanted to be. we are growing closer as a couple. for heaven sakes-we run together! like everyday! i don't know what's come over us-but we feel good. there is so much that has changed at home, in just the short month we've been gone! but they're all good things. our friends and family are progressing so much! we can't wait to see the wonderful people they've become when we get back (or when they come to visit-hint, hint. wink, wink) we adored having Karina here, and can't wait for more visits ;)
MAIL! we love getting mail! soooo, send me something and i'll send you something! win, win.
:) best one.
dedorating for Valentines Day! i've always wanted to, and now i can.
you're a crook captain hook! judge, won't you throw the book at the pirate!
 huzzah. xoXO


Jennie Moss said...

I LOVE THE ARRESTED QUOTE. Miss you guys like craze, but I am so happy for your adventure. Lovelovelove

Carli Schneider said...

Did you say you guys have become runners??!!! haha remember that country walk we went on and thought we would die? I'm so proud of you! Looks like you guys are loving life! Miss you!

TyandMar said...

I'm so glad you guys are having this experience together. You will always look back on this after you have 10 kids :) and say, "I"m so glad we did that!"
Miss you.