Wednesday, January 9, 2013

our 1st impressions of the sunny state.

Florida is gorgeous!! Our "cold day" here was about 62 degrees and drizzling so far...and it's January :) this is pretty much how it's been:

 are you convinced that you need to visit me now? good. me too :)

things i've learned thus far:
  • i know why costers were invented now! in Utah...cold glasses of water don't that's all they do. i thought costers were just some accent item created to be like a place mat. you know, just to add some extra design element or i know. water rings everywhere.
  • everyone is in their own little private worlds down here. going into walmart was so odd because no one is aware of anyone else or even looking up. they're just getting business done-like Manhatten/London style, but slower. i think it's because this is like a huge melting pot of cultures. i've only met one true "floridian"-born and raised. everyone else is here for a job, or visiting. SO many cultures! i think in Costco the other day i counted 7 different languages that i overheard. kind of exciting!
  • braving Craiglist is scarey, but WORTH IT.
  • everyone LOVES honking at a Utah license plate car! ...or any car at all now that i think on it. apparently, Florida has one of the highest insurance rates for cars because you've got 1) tons of visitors 2) tons of different cultures with different traffic rules from back home 3) a million retired couples (seriously, again, in Costco the other day i have never seen so many white hairs with bahama button up shirts, socks and sandals...carrying bottles of wine)  soooo, pray that we don't get in an accident...
  • it is SO MUCH EASIER to get out of bed and active when it is bright and warm outside.
  • we don't know how we ever survived without a blendtec. it's addicting! i have never blended so much in my life-and it is so healthy! it currently has 24 uses on it, and we've had it for 9 days now?
first day of training was LOOOOONG. but good. learned all about the history of the Walt Disney Co. and safety and all that good stuff. we took a little stroll through Magic Kingdom which was a highlight, and Mickey Mouse visited our classroom and when i answered a question right he gave me a kiss and a little figurine of him. i guess there could be worse trainings ;) i go back tomorrow for Entertainment training, which i am stoked for. i can't wait to get a little more specific about what i will be doing and getting a schedule. Addison has more auditions next week and is sculpting a lot-so if you have an order for him email me! plus, i get my first visitor! Karina, my counterpart from "Christmas Carol" will be joining us for a week, and i can't wait to take someone around and show off our new place.

all is well.

My 1st glimpse of the castle as an employee :)


TyandMar said...

You got a blendtec?! I'm so jealous! Wow. I'm glad Mickey rewarded you! ;) keep getting those answers right!

Cortanie Evans said...

Ditto! I'm so excited for you! I promise, every day you will love what you do! ;) (not just with that blender)

A Girl said...
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Karina Shanelle Gillette said...

I was mentioned on this blog! I feel like a celebrity. :]