Monday, January 28, 2013


this week has been an exciting one! I am finally in mermaid training, and I love it. i have 3 days off in a row, and we are gonna use that to our advantage with a little day vacation to the beach tomorrow! Addison has been sculpting lots (if there was ever a time that you wanted to buy something from addison-NOW is the time. email me! also, he has a puppeteering callback this week-keep your fingers crossed and your prayers a comin'!

In all my training, a common theme keeps popping up: the importance of story telling. this is something that i think makes disney theme parks different from all other theme parks-their ability and emphasis on telling the story with every ride and land they create. and when i start thinking about it, stories are what make the human experience. stories are what we learn from, in reading the bible or book of mormon. they are the legacy we leave behind and what our kids will know us from. any decent actress/actor will tell you the trick to acting is simply telling a story with a beginning, middle, and end in complete honesty. we are so blessed now a days to have so many methods to tell story-instagram, blogs, journals, facebook, music, poetry, books, magazines, etc. these are what make the human experience a constant progression; what we specifically learned form and how our experiences shape us into the person we are and want to become. it makes me want to leave a good story behind. i guess, in all honesty, that's why i'm doing this. that is why addison and i moved across the country to an apartment we've never seen, to a job that sounds like not a job at all. because one day i want to be able to tell my kids a good story. i want them to be able to relate to me. i have dreams, i'm spontaneous, i'm creative, i get scared, i love music, i get up in front of people and perform for them even though it scares me to death every time because i have something to share, i love movies, i'm quirky, sometimes i feel good about myself, sometimes i don't, sometimes i'm broke, i get tempted, i'm not perfect. but it's how we handle our imperfections and mistakes that separates a good story from a bad one. it's what we make of those dreams and ambitions that shape us. and i guess, my prayer is that knowing the type of person i was even before they came to this earth will help my kids make those hard decisions.

and that's what i want my kids to know.

sorry if i got a little serious! but i've been thinking about it a lot. why i do what i do, and why i believe it is right and important.

we love florida, it's given us a whole new vigor for life and being the type of people we've always wanted to be. we are growing closer as a couple. for heaven sakes-we run together! like everyday! i don't know what's come over us-but we feel good. there is so much that has changed at home, in just the short month we've been gone! but they're all good things. our friends and family are progressing so much! we can't wait to see the wonderful people they've become when we get back (or when they come to visit-hint, hint. wink, wink) we adored having Karina here, and can't wait for more visits ;)
MAIL! we love getting mail! soooo, send me something and i'll send you something! win, win.
:) best one.
dedorating for Valentines Day! i've always wanted to, and now i can.
you're a crook captain hook! judge, won't you throw the book at the pirate!
 huzzah. xoXO

Thursday, January 17, 2013

sweating buckets.

Soooo, this week has been one of the most physically challenging weeks of my life. I have been in character training for 4 days now, the last of which was today. Can I tell you, I have never actually known what the phrases, "sweating buckets", or "blinking sweat out of my eyes" ever meant. I discovered it this week. I literally looked at a puddle of my sweat today. Too gross to post? I'm sorry, but I am so in awe! What? My body does this? That awe will probably fade away pretty darn fast. I am sore, stiff, and kind of in a daze every night. I haven't been able to think of much else.

Kids are adorable. I am having so many wonderful interactions with kids and have discovered how to PLAY! What a joy. I adore my training group. I feel like I already have a family. Too bad training. Is done- but I hope I can catch a shift or two with them! Everyone is so helpful and looking out for each other.

I have my first real shift in magic kingdom tomorrow :) Addison had an audition today that went very well. They really got to see what Addison has to offer, we are very hopeful about this one!

In other news, our cute little apartment is wonderful. I am glad we had a couple weeks to set things out, because now that I'm in the full swing of things-I don't have a second to breathe let alone set up house! We got a second to go to the Orlando temple this week-it was just what the doctor ordered.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

our 1st impressions of the sunny state.

Florida is gorgeous!! Our "cold day" here was about 62 degrees and drizzling so far...and it's January :) this is pretty much how it's been:

 are you convinced that you need to visit me now? good. me too :)

things i've learned thus far:
  • i know why costers were invented now! in Utah...cold glasses of water don't that's all they do. i thought costers were just some accent item created to be like a place mat. you know, just to add some extra design element or i know. water rings everywhere.
  • everyone is in their own little private worlds down here. going into walmart was so odd because no one is aware of anyone else or even looking up. they're just getting business done-like Manhatten/London style, but slower. i think it's because this is like a huge melting pot of cultures. i've only met one true "floridian"-born and raised. everyone else is here for a job, or visiting. SO many cultures! i think in Costco the other day i counted 7 different languages that i overheard. kind of exciting!
  • braving Craiglist is scarey, but WORTH IT.
  • everyone LOVES honking at a Utah license plate car! ...or any car at all now that i think on it. apparently, Florida has one of the highest insurance rates for cars because you've got 1) tons of visitors 2) tons of different cultures with different traffic rules from back home 3) a million retired couples (seriously, again, in Costco the other day i have never seen so many white hairs with bahama button up shirts, socks and sandals...carrying bottles of wine)  soooo, pray that we don't get in an accident...
  • it is SO MUCH EASIER to get out of bed and active when it is bright and warm outside.
  • we don't know how we ever survived without a blendtec. it's addicting! i have never blended so much in my life-and it is so healthy! it currently has 24 uses on it, and we've had it for 9 days now?
first day of training was LOOOOONG. but good. learned all about the history of the Walt Disney Co. and safety and all that good stuff. we took a little stroll through Magic Kingdom which was a highlight, and Mickey Mouse visited our classroom and when i answered a question right he gave me a kiss and a little figurine of him. i guess there could be worse trainings ;) i go back tomorrow for Entertainment training, which i am stoked for. i can't wait to get a little more specific about what i will be doing and getting a schedule. Addison has more auditions next week and is sculpting a lot-so if you have an order for him email me! plus, i get my first visitor! Karina, my counterpart from "Christmas Carol" will be joining us for a week, and i can't wait to take someone around and show off our new place.

all is well.

My 1st glimpse of the castle as an employee :)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

getting settled.

Hello from Florida! Wow! Things have happened so quickly. I'm so grateful for a Sunday to relax and enjoy our weeks work. We haven't got Internet in our apartment yet, so I'm gonna try an update from my phone :)

Christmas was absolutely wonderful. We can't believe the amazing people we are surrounded with. Our last two days in utah were spent just as they should've been: date night with the siblings, and a friends night. We are so blessed in all those that care about us.

Then we were off to Florida! The journey took 4 days in our two cars, with my parents. We listened to the Harry potter audiobooks the whole way, and the trip was bearable. We had a little holdup when has was accidentally put in our diesel... But we survived. We arrived New Year's Eve day and went out for my first lobster dinner at Joe's Crab Shack-it was awesome.

We moved with no furniture, just our belongings. So we bought a bed the night we got here. Thankfully we already have wonderful friends here from park city! And they have been so helpful- moving things with their truck and everything. Thanks to Craigslist, goodwill, and the dumpster by our apartment, we now have a dining set, couch, armchair, and entertainment center all for $135 :) I'm super proud. I am LOVING putting our cute little place together. I am just bursting with ideas. Oh, and I reupholstered my first chair! It's not perfect, but I'm proud.

I finished my employment process last week, and now my training starts Tuesday at Disney University. I hope I get a diploma :) after that I have no idea what my schedule is like, I guess I'll find out Tuesday! (I snuck some pictures! Even the casting building was magical! Gold statues and Disney character murals on the wall!)

We haven't met many people, especially since we went to the wrong ward today! But we've been able to really focus on our home and projects, so now I can start my employment without any distractions.

I am just invigorated by Florida. I want to eat healthier, be more active, be better at my callings, make great friends, be a better sibling and daughter. It seems so odd. But I feel like I am starting this new year in a new place without any preconceived ideas of how I should be. It's fun to think that no one knows who I am and I can create a fresh reputation.