Thursday, December 13, 2012

dear Addison

dear sweet Addison,
when i was this big, i dreamt of someone like you. i already knew what i wanted you to be:
  • tall
  • dark
  • handsome
  • a sweet spirit to be tender with my already tender heart
  • someone who loved to play
  • someone that shared my love of singing
  • someone who did the right thing even when its hard
  • someone who understood that sometimes you just have to drop everything and have fun
  • someone who would think i was funny
  • someone who didn't sweat the small stuff
  • someone that didn't point out every time i do something wrong
  • someone who knew people were more important than things
  • someone that i couldn't wait to have my own children with
  • someone that believed i could do anything i put my mind to (aka: being a disney princess)
  • someone who would just spend time with me
  • someone who enjoyed walks
  • someone who would play with my hair
  • someone who enjoyed talking but knew the importance of silence
  • someone whose strengths made up for my weaknesses
  • someone who looked like justin timberlake...
oooookay, so i got mister darcy instead. i'm not complaining!
thank you for being a everything i need and more. happy anniversary darling!
thanks for making it the best 2 years of my life!
to see our beautiful wedding click below:


TyandMar said...

Ahh happy anniversary you two! The past two years have flown! I swear you just got married!

Melwel said...

ah.....this makes this momma's heart so happy!