Saturday, December 15, 2012

anniversary 2012.

This years anniversary was perfection. Since we had, "A Christmas Carol" on our actual anniversary night, we celebrated early. Using my birthday present from my in-laws, we got a nights stay at the Marriott at city creek. Now, this is the perfect winter date night. Because within walking distance (aka-2 blocks), we went to city creek, Cheesecake Factory, the candy windows at Macy's, and the temple lights-plus swimming at the hotel after! It was magnificent. Something that was different this year was a little question game we played through dinner. It sparked some really awesome conversation between Addi and I. And I learned some things that I didn't know about him! So, if your anniversary is coming up, or you have a date night this week, here were some of our favorite questions:

-name your top five pet peeves (not about each other, sillies!)
-name five things that make you the happiest right now.
-what are some of your biggest strengths?
-if you could live anywhere, where? and why?
-describe your family dynamic childhood vs. now.
-what do you think people most misunderstand about you?
-list ten things you hope to be remembered for.

This filled up a good 2 hours of conversation for us! My favorite was hearing Addison's testimony as we walked around the temple looking at the lights. He really is such a good man. Also, if the Cheesecake Factory menu intimidates you (as it does me), try the Thai lettuce wraps. Honestly, SO good.

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SamanthaZ said...

your wedding pictures are absolutely gorgeous!
i like those questions, i'm going to save them for our next date night.
happy anniversary!
thank you for the christmas card, i loved it - addison has talent! and you, well i loved your handwritting on the envelope it was awesome!