Friday, December 14, 2012

a love letter to mail.

i don't know if you knew, but i have a love for mail. does that mean that i send it out as often as i'd like? no. in fact, if i had money to splurge, i may just spend it all on paper supplies and a collection of stamps. alas...but! since addison and i have gotten married, i have put some money aside for mailing things out, even when emailing would have been more efficient and cheaper, because i LOVE getting mail. plus, since i have my own personal graphic artist in the house, it would be madness not to create something new for every occasion i can justify. i also love addison's drawing i use those to my advantage often.

so, here is this years' christmas card, fully designed by addison. can you find the hidden mickey??
here are some other mailed favorites of mine, all hand drawn and designed by addison.

graduation announcement
2011 christmas card
also, our wedding invite below:

i'd be crazy not to use those addison skills, right?
oh, and Happy Anniversary mom & dad!

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