Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My goodness, can you believe in a month we will be gone? I can't. The stress has started to set in about this whole "moving across the country" ordeal. I always knew this is what we were hoping for, but you couldn't plan for it! And now, it's like we've had to rethink a lot of things. So weird to think we won't have to endure the bitter January winter. We have no room to pack any potential Christmas gifts for each other, so a second car to carry all our old stuff to florida will be both our Christmas present. All of the winter clothes we've just gotten out will go right back to storage. We've had to tweak our Christmas plans to accommodate our last goodbyes to everyone as we leave the 26th. It's just bizarre. Our minds have totally undergone a shift, and everything I was focused on a week ago, I can't even remember.

Finding an apartment? STRESSFUL! But you know what? We are close. It's amazing who comes out of the woodwork to help you when you need it. We now about a dozen contacts in Florida, recently moved, etc who are helping us find the ideal place as we will be blindly moving down to Florida to a place we have never seen! All I can say is that it is really fortunate that we went on vacation down there a couple weeks ago or I would really be freaking out. Thank you again Welches!

I am very good at writing lists. So I have successfully written down everything we need to get done before we go, and given myself dates they need to be completed. I add to this list constantly...which doesn't help... I feel like I am eating a whale! They are all such huge tasks! Emptying out storage, buying a car, buying new tires... Gah. But we really have so many people willing to help! Almost to many! It's awesome to be surrounded by such wonderful family and friends. I know we will find wonderful people in Florida too. I pray at night that we will find our Florida versions of the Larsons and Mosses. Everyone I've talked to has said that the wards in Florida are incredible. It will be so great to have a ward full of young people who have the same kind of crazy schedule and understand how unpredictable it can be to be a performer. And most importantly that its not a hobby, but a job for us.

So, please be praying for us! We are really so inexperienced in this whole moving, car buying, fees everywhere business! We will truly need all the help we can get.

The good news? I'm not even worried about the job! I'm just super stoke for that! The lady I've been communicating with about the job is so nice and helpful, and just so excited for me. She cant wait to get me started. It's all the preparation beforehand in getting down there that I'm so worried about!

Anytime I get too stressed I just turn to Addison and say, "what's the first ride we are going to ride as employees of Disneyworld?" And we talk about pirates of the Caribbean, the haunted mansion, Ariel's grotto, eating at Cinderella's castle. We talk about date nights watching the fireworks and eating mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches from Sleepy Hollow. We talk about all the people who are already planning on visiting us. We talk about the pool in our apartment complex that we can visit anytime we like. I think about the little girls faces that are going to light up when they see the fin!

It's going to be a year to remember.

Ps- look at the adorable Christmas ornament Addison got me. He loves me.

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TyandMar said...

You guys are so cute! You're both going to be just fine! I promise, after all the craziness of moving, you will fall into a routine and LOVE it. You're going to make so many great memories. I'm envious. We will miss you though!! Sad to think of you guys gone that long!