Friday, November 23, 2012

much to give thanks for.

it is finally time to make the announcement! Addison and I are moving. to florida. to work in Disneyworld! i am going to be friends with Ariel and Pluto, and am so excited. we move right after Christmas and will hopefully start work Jan 1st 2013. we are planning on Addison auditioning right when we get there and finding a job similar to mine ;) honestly? i'm scared out of my wits. not so much about the job and change...mostly about the move. oh, how i hate moving. i think Addison and i have lived in 6 different wards since we got married...i hate hate hate being unsettled and scattered, more than anything. so the next month-sorting through our stuff deciding what to take and what to leave behind is going to be very tough for me. and moving into a place i've actually never been in...that's going to be tough. but i know that the Lord has had his hand in this job every step of the way, and he has a plan for us. so, we will move forward, do good, and trust God.
in other news, our turkey trot in Midway was magnificent.


Jane Anne said...

Congrats girl! Sounds like another fantastic adventure :)

Maggie said...

GAHHH! So excited for you. Also, excited for me because I'm planning on moving there sometime june/july-ish, so It'll be nice to have UT friends there as well as FL friends. :) You'll love it there, promise. <3

Tyler Briggs said...

So happy for you two! What an adventure. The twins will miss you though! :)