Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"of things that matter most"

Addison and I have had a very thoughtful, reflective week. we got the news on tuesday that one of our dear friends (my sister-in-laws, sister-in law) had passed away, very unexpectedly on her second honeymoon with her husband in Hawaii. a mere 32 years old, and with 4 young children here in Kaysville, we were absolutely crushed. i feel like i barely knew Jennie, but her impact was enormous, even without realizing it. every time i had the opportunity to see Jennie was a treasure, she made you feel like 100 bucks and was so interested in everything going on in your life. you could tell from miles away that she emitted the true love and joy of Christ and you couldn't help but smile around her. we have despaired and broken down in her absence, and have definitely thought a lot more about this frail life we are living.

in listening to Elder Uchtdorf's talk, "of things that matter most", and "of regrets and resolutions" (and maybe having "christmas carol" on our minds a lot) Addison and i have a new found vigor to make the most of this life. anyone who knows addi and i know that we are always on the move. between jobs and acting alone we are on our toes a lot. addi often says that i wear him out, i think i tend to stretch each minute of each day to fit all the things i have in my mind. it's time to simplify. Uchtdorf says, "...it is good advice to slow down a little, steady the course, and focus on the essentials when experiencing adverse conditions." Uchtdorf spoke about how it is so easy to be busy nowadays, that we wear it as a badge of importance that the busier we are, the more important we seem. i think he is speaking about those trivial things: updating our fb status, watching "honey boo boo", and worrying/working on things that we can't take with us. that perhaps it's relationships that we need to be working on.

"perhaps the most universal regret dying patients expressed was that they wished they had spent more time with the people they love...they “deeply regretted spending so much of their lives on the [daily] treadmill of … work.” Many had lost out on choice memories that come from spending time with family and friends. They missed developing a deep connection with those who meant the most to them." this is something i know Jennie did well. i wonder if she could've had any regrets considering making deep connections with those she loved. i feel like this was her biggest strength!

"another regret people expressed was that they failed to become the person they felt they could and should have been...the person God, our Heavenly Father, intended us to be." when i think of Jennie, i know that the Lord would be pleased with her and her use of time here on earth. she exemplified Christ light with an undeniable enthusiasm. it's almost as if she knew so well that she was a daughter of God, that she couldn't help seeing everyone else the way the Lord sees us. i am truly blessed to have known her, and am so grateful for the drive to be better that she has given me.

so, Addi and i have been thinking a lot about what we will leave behind. we want to be thought of as Jennie is. so we've started out writing a "happy list". (you know me and lists) just a few simple things that make us happy and help refocus us to the things that matter most. we want to work harder on the things we can take with us.
  • sunday dinners with family
  • listening to general conference
  • sculpting with addi
  • a no technology date (post to come)
  • going to the temple
  • walks/hikes
  • babysitting niblings
  • sleepovers with Laila and Naomi
  • "charlottes web" family
  • reading outloud to addi
  • spending time with my sisters/mom
  • trying something new with addi
  • dancing with addi
we can't wait to add to this list and fill our lives with the things that matter most. Jennie, we adore you and can't wait till we meet again. thank you for your light and the example you will always be to us. you can read Jennie's beautiful obituary here.

"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given."-Lord of the Rings (cheesy i know, but i love finding truth in the most unlikely of places :)

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Bailee said...

Beautiful post, Bre. I am sorry about Jennie. She seems like a wonderful woman, and I'm inspired just by reading about her. :)