Tuesday, October 2, 2012

happy october first!

i can't tell you my excitement at October's arrival! i love fall. mostly, i think, because it means my birthday is close. here comes number 23! my cousin, Katie's, gorgeous outside wedding (pics to come!) this weekend, felt like the perfect farewell to the summer, and welcome to the fall.

one of my favorite things to do during October is watch spooky-but-not-so-scary movies. i'm all about the fun scarey movies. addi and i don't do scarey. too much creepy in the world to watch more of it. . .SOOOO, what i'm getting to is that i (along with members of my family) have created the perfect spooky movie list for you to enjoy:
Halloween must-sees:
1. Young Frankenstein
2. Evil Under the Sun
3. Hocus Pocus
4. Clue
5. League of Extraordinary Gentleman
6. Meet Me in St. Louis
7. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
8. Ghost
9. Monster House
10. Nightmare Before Christmas
11. The Others
12. The Villiage
13. Signs
14. Wait Until Dark
15. Corpse Bride
16. The Ghost and Mr. Chicken
17. Arsenic and Old Lace
18. The Birds
19. Rear Window
20. The Addams Family
21.  The Corpse Bride
22. Deceived

some that i'm excited to explore are:

1. Watcher in the Woods
2. Dracula
3. Frankenstein
4. Bride of Frankenstein
5. Creature of the Blue Lagoon
6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the movie)
7. Gremlins
8. The Blob
9. Paranorman
10. Frankenweenie
11. Dark Shadows
12. 1408
13. The Witches
14. any and all Abbot & Costello that i can get my hands on.

we spent a lovely weekend in Heber, getting some stuff done, but mostly soaking up family time and the outdoors. we got a little spray paint happy (again, pics to come). but here are some photos of the weekend:

oh! and look at these beautiful tulip bowls i found at Goodwill today: 
i love them so!


SamanthaZ said...

Thanks for the list. I don't like anything to gross or scary either. I have only seen maybe two of those, so I should get going!

TyandMar said...

We missed you guys by a day on the hike thing...we went last Saturday. It was awesome! Love your pics.

TyandMar said...

Oh and let's do a movie night! Last year Ty introduced me to the ghost and mr chicken. Time for another new one! Briggs style!