Sunday, October 7, 2012

cousin love.

i have always been very close to my cousins. but there is something extra special about these three girls in particular. on my father's side, i had 3 GIRL cousins all born within two years of each other. we have been close since we were running around naked in diapers! Adrianne, Katie, Jessie, and me. we couldn't be more different, but we remain close to this day. last week, my sweet cousin, Katie (in the middle), got married to the adorable Nate. we missed Adrianne :( but she is out serving the Lord on a California mission. the sealing was simple and beautiful. sealings are my favorite part of the temple. here's some pictures of their gorgeous wedding:

here's a picture from my cousin Jessie's wedding :) she was such a beautiful bride!
i am so beyond grateful for cousins. i really feel that family makes you who you are, and i know these girls influenced me. they are such wonderful examples, and every time i see them succeed, or find happiness i am so proud. all the best to Katie and Nate, i can't wait to go on double, triple, and quadruple dates. 

i hope you are enjoying your conference weekend. we certainly are! we have been tending my sister's son, Roman, for a few days as she is off to Italy/France. it's been a good experiment to see if we would survive as parents! all i can say is that you can't expect me to be the cleanest of mothers. i don't know how mother's maintain any kind of cleanliness when you have a tornado following you all day...but he truly is a joy, and so worth all the headache! we had our first, "A Christmas Carol" rehearsal yesterday, and we are very excited for this show. i hope you come see us in the T, TH, S cast Dec. 8-22.

oh, and my birthday is this week... :)

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Jane Anne said...

I love seeing pictures like this. You all grew up so beautiful! Happy Birthday this week. I hope it is a great one :)