Sunday, October 28, 2012

something wicked this way comes!

 guess what. we hosted a Harry Potter Halloween party on Saturday for a few of our friends :) man, we had so much fun planning. obviously, pinterest was a great source, but there wasn't much about HP parties for adults. so we made a lot up! you know addi and i, we love the creative process. so, here's how it went! sorry about the photo overload!
 patronuses...table settings...
 the great hall...
 pumpkin soup bowls!
 hey Ravenclaw, what're you doing with Hedwig!?
 our sweet bumblebee!
 pumpkin lentil soup. YUM!
thank you Mickey!
 carrot/patrous cake! my patronus is a giraffe :)
 marshmellows and rolos...used for roasting in the Goblet of Fire later :)
awesome trays were found at DI and painted with chalk paint. chalk pens were used-my lovely sister did these!
 the spread.
 wouldn't be a party without butterbeer right?
thank you sean and tay!
 can you believe that gold tea set? borrowed from gma Sheri.
 these apples look ready to be carameled! mmmm...homemade beef stew, thank you mom!
 the first of the guests arrived! the hats are set up for the photo booth, along with mad-eye moody's eye, spooky eyes, harry potter glasses, cloaks, wands, and a unicorn horn of course!
 boo, charlotte!
the Larsen's won the costume contest! Hedwig, Trelawney, and Krum!
a dementor and Crookshanks! aka Anson/Landon.
 our sweet Emilie(a Slytherin)-so glad you came! and Cho Chang! (Laila)
 Jimmy, the Gryffindor Lion.
 our monkey, Louis!
 our goblets of fire to roast troll eyes by!
 pin the glasses on HP.
 a quidditch HP, a kitty, and enchanted cupcake!
 my nephew, Isaac, actually lost a tooth on a caramel apple! what? and decided to fill his wand with his tooth...a little gross, but very awesome. Addison whipped up this poster of HP.
 troll hair, pixie dust, dragon heartstrings, unicorn hair...we had all the fixins to put into wands.
 that wands' a beauty!
a unicorn/luna and Jerry Potter!
 rolled paper, hot glue, paint=your very own wand! everyone filled their own, and completed the designs on the outside with hot glue!
 Jimmy finishing his wand.
 finished products :)
 my finished wand, with my giraffe patronus on top, of course! and beautiful Zu!
man, i adore these people! thanks for making such a fun night!