Tuesday, September 4, 2012

weeeee're baaaaackkkk!

i'm happy to announce we are back home! our time in w. yellowstone has come to a close, and i would like to point out that i escaped bear country without even having to camp ONCE! ...or seeing a bear, which i am truly sad about. so what's next you might say? we have no idea! for right now, all we can say is that we have settled,very nicely, back into grandma Sheri's, indefinitely (i feel like a newlywed again!), and that auditions for new jobs have already begun! we are starting some temp jobs tomorrow with our bestie, Mickey, in the mean time. we had the perfect day today, seeing both sides of the family and eating delicious food. happy labor day! here's one of my favorite performances of the summer:

and my favorite quote of the summer? "the fudge is fresh, just like Aldolfo!"-Addison Welch, during "Drowsy Chaperone" intermission selling fudge :)


Rachel Emily said...

Oh my goodness I haven't seen Craig the Peg in years!!! Soooo funny!

Melwel said...

So glad you have this on tape to save for your posterity!