Sunday, September 16, 2012

charlotte's web.

These past couple weeks have been filled with lots of "big girl" tasks. I guess I should've known that life in Utah didn't just stop and hold together perfectly... So after 4 dentist, 2 eye, and 1 orthodontist appointment, 1 trip to the DMV, 1 trip to the jeweler, and 2 trips to fix the car, I think we got everything covered for the next few weeks at least.
Addi's rad xray.
Addi's poor numb face from the dentist!

Brigham City Temple open house with the fam.

 Addi and i got a kick out of the huge bubbles at the State Fair.

but today was the best day of the week! Happy Birthday sweet Charlotte! Mickey threw a beautiful slip n' slide birthday party:

 our bathing beauty!
 we tried to get Cha to devour her cake...she just gave it this look.
 even sweet Roman came!
we really are so blessed in our friends. i can't wait to introduce my friends to my family and new acquaintances, because i know they will love them as much as i do. Mickey helps me want to be a better person, more generous, less self-centered, because Mickey literally would do anything for us, and does! Alex is the breath of fresh air we all crave. he is so calm and wise, and the most crafty/handy person i know! Sean is a go-getter and never fails to make me pee my pants in laughter. Tay is so thoughtful, he is a gift giver and always makes me feel like 100 bucks. i could write for days about them, but those are just a few. so yesterday we finally figured it out, our name: "charlotte's web". we figured it was appropriate since Charlotte keeps us all tied together. her "aunts" and "uncles" adore her so.

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favoritenic said...

so, you've found your name! reading the post made my spirit feel so much larger than my body and my eyes welled up. you are beautiful souls. <3