Monday, September 17, 2012

are you like me?

do you get strangely nostalgic about things too? i swear, besides my sister, Kirsten, i'm probably the most nostalgic person you are likely to meet. i am blogging from my first computer for the last time, as it has finally given up on me and died- it is now connected to the TV as it's screen has gone dark. but hey! I sold it on for 55 bucks! so that's a plus. but as i'm going through oooogles of pictures and movies, old homework assignments, etc.i mean, all my wedding plans are saved on here, recordings of shows i've done, assignments from school in London, music from high school. i just get so sad to let things go. don't get me wrong, i'm definitely not a hoarder either! i LOOOOOVE to throw things away. so, adieu rad computer. you definitely were well used and loved.

in better news, guess what! you remember our friends from Scotland? the Sharkey's?? they're coming to visit! next month addi and i will get to bunk with them right here in Gma Sheri's basement. we are BEYOND excited. any time we get to spend with these angels is a treasure-truly.

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ayley said...

i get nostalgic about EVERYTHING. even food. just kidding. kind of...