Saturday, September 22, 2012

21 months straight.

i wish there were more to update on today, but alas, our life is truly repetitive as of late. we are working temp jobs with the ever-sweet Mickey, sometimes if we're lucky enough, Cha Cha comes to visit. we scan thousands of files a day for a world that is going paperless, and watch hours of Planet Earth. which is torturous cycle by the way (meaning the movie)--they introduce some cute, adorable animal, and once you get attached, they widen the camera angle to it's predator waiting to snatch it up-it's actually quite taxing! 

grandma is going through her first week of this cycle of chemo. some days are better than others. we're in the muck of some bad few's very eye opening to see the effects of chemotherapy. i don't think i ever quite understood it. and while it is this evil, poisonous, goopy beast to me now, i do have to remember that it worked once and i owe this last year of Sheri's life to it! it's hard to be grateful to such a soul-sucking thing right now though. 

isn't she beautiful!
 grandma was talking to Addison the other day (haha, i know, shocking) and said something along these lines: "you and Bre are such a unique couple. i don't know any couple that has gotten to spend 21 straight months constantly together, and still be able to stand each other. i bet you two know each other more than most couples do in their first 21 years!" i'd never thought about it that way. i mean, the longest we've been apart is 3 weeks and maybe a night or two here and there. i never really planned it this way, but jobs/school have always just aligned. it's so odd how much solid quality time we spend together, and still find each other hilarious. this "quality time" girl feels so loved all the time. i guess i really am so lucky.

in other news! we get to be reunited with our MOSSES tomorrow! we can hardly wait. these two are quite the pair. we also got to the Bountiful Temple this week to do some family names, which was so refreshing and lovely. the Brigham City Temple dedication on Sunday will be accompanied by a brunch with all the sweetest friends i know, and a trip to Heber to see the fam!

so, life is good. we feel a little stagnant right now, especially after our adventurous summer. we're in this weird waiting place where things are still getting worked out. we keep getting asked what our next step is, and honestly we have no idea! all i can think for sure is in our future is maybe moving out of state for a hot second to get that kind of experience, and getting a dog :) and there's nothing wrong with that. (i gotta keep telling myself that ;)

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SamanthaZ said...

She is right! How lucky that you get to spend so much time together, not many couples have that. :)