Thursday, September 27, 2012

a breathtaking piece of folly.

I just wanted to give a little update! Addi and I found out today that we will be performing in Hale Centre Theatre's, "a Christmas Carol"! Addison is the tenor in the Octet, and I will be playing Fred's wife/poor wife. I am especially excited about the poor wife part. She is a soloist that sings a very sweet lullaby ("infant holy") to her baby. I absolutely fell in love with the part during callbacks, and am overjoyed to be in another show with Addison. We are also excited to be back at Hale. We reconnected with so many friends during auditions, and we love that space.

As we've been waiting to hear back from auditions and a bit stagnant... Wondering if we've been heading in the right direction, or if we're truly lunatics! We came across this bit of hope watching, "National Velvet". One of Elizabeth Taylor's first films, staring Mickey Rooney. Also, a young Angela Lansbury. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it! The mother in it is extremely wise, and when her daughter proposes her impossible dream to her she replies:

"I, too, believe that everyone should have a chance at a breathtaking piece of folly once in his life."

What a lovely way of putting it. So here we are, waiting and living our breathtaking piece of folly.

Here's a photo of our wonderful brunch family. We so enjoyed our time with them this weekend!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

21 months straight.

i wish there were more to update on today, but alas, our life is truly repetitive as of late. we are working temp jobs with the ever-sweet Mickey, sometimes if we're lucky enough, Cha Cha comes to visit. we scan thousands of files a day for a world that is going paperless, and watch hours of Planet Earth. which is torturous cycle by the way (meaning the movie)--they introduce some cute, adorable animal, and once you get attached, they widen the camera angle to it's predator waiting to snatch it up-it's actually quite taxing! 

grandma is going through her first week of this cycle of chemo. some days are better than others. we're in the muck of some bad few's very eye opening to see the effects of chemotherapy. i don't think i ever quite understood it. and while it is this evil, poisonous, goopy beast to me now, i do have to remember that it worked once and i owe this last year of Sheri's life to it! it's hard to be grateful to such a soul-sucking thing right now though. 

isn't she beautiful!
 grandma was talking to Addison the other day (haha, i know, shocking) and said something along these lines: "you and Bre are such a unique couple. i don't know any couple that has gotten to spend 21 straight months constantly together, and still be able to stand each other. i bet you two know each other more than most couples do in their first 21 years!" i'd never thought about it that way. i mean, the longest we've been apart is 3 weeks and maybe a night or two here and there. i never really planned it this way, but jobs/school have always just aligned. it's so odd how much solid quality time we spend together, and still find each other hilarious. this "quality time" girl feels so loved all the time. i guess i really am so lucky.

in other news! we get to be reunited with our MOSSES tomorrow! we can hardly wait. these two are quite the pair. we also got to the Bountiful Temple this week to do some family names, which was so refreshing and lovely. the Brigham City Temple dedication on Sunday will be accompanied by a brunch with all the sweetest friends i know, and a trip to Heber to see the fam!

so, life is good. we feel a little stagnant right now, especially after our adventurous summer. we're in this weird waiting place where things are still getting worked out. we keep getting asked what our next step is, and honestly we have no idea! all i can think for sure is in our future is maybe moving out of state for a hot second to get that kind of experience, and getting a dog :) and there's nothing wrong with that. (i gotta keep telling myself that ;)

Monday, September 17, 2012

are you like me?

do you get strangely nostalgic about things too? i swear, besides my sister, Kirsten, i'm probably the most nostalgic person you are likely to meet. i am blogging from my first computer for the last time, as it has finally given up on me and died- it is now connected to the TV as it's screen has gone dark. but hey! I sold it on for 55 bucks! so that's a plus. but as i'm going through oooogles of pictures and movies, old homework assignments, etc.i mean, all my wedding plans are saved on here, recordings of shows i've done, assignments from school in London, music from high school. i just get so sad to let things go. don't get me wrong, i'm definitely not a hoarder either! i LOOOOOVE to throw things away. so, adieu rad computer. you definitely were well used and loved.

in better news, guess what! you remember our friends from Scotland? the Sharkey's?? they're coming to visit! next month addi and i will get to bunk with them right here in Gma Sheri's basement. we are BEYOND excited. any time we get to spend with these angels is a treasure-truly.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

charlotte's web.

These past couple weeks have been filled with lots of "big girl" tasks. I guess I should've known that life in Utah didn't just stop and hold together perfectly... So after 4 dentist, 2 eye, and 1 orthodontist appointment, 1 trip to the DMV, 1 trip to the jeweler, and 2 trips to fix the car, I think we got everything covered for the next few weeks at least.
Addi's rad xray.
Addi's poor numb face from the dentist!

Brigham City Temple open house with the fam.

 Addi and i got a kick out of the huge bubbles at the State Fair.

but today was the best day of the week! Happy Birthday sweet Charlotte! Mickey threw a beautiful slip n' slide birthday party:

 our bathing beauty!
 we tried to get Cha to devour her cake...she just gave it this look.
 even sweet Roman came!
we really are so blessed in our friends. i can't wait to introduce my friends to my family and new acquaintances, because i know they will love them as much as i do. Mickey helps me want to be a better person, more generous, less self-centered, because Mickey literally would do anything for us, and does! Alex is the breath of fresh air we all crave. he is so calm and wise, and the most crafty/handy person i know! Sean is a go-getter and never fails to make me pee my pants in laughter. Tay is so thoughtful, he is a gift giver and always makes me feel like 100 bucks. i could write for days about them, but those are just a few. so yesterday we finally figured it out, our name: "charlotte's web". we figured it was appropriate since Charlotte keeps us all tied together. her "aunts" and "uncles" adore her so.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Oh, the life of an actor...or two.

We are back in town from our adventures in St. George! I think it's bad luck to tell too many people about auditions before you do them, so now I can safely say that we were down at Tuachan for a Disney audition. We felt as good as you can about an audition, and although we know about as much as we did before the audition, what I can say is that we probably won't hear anything for a few months about it, so don't ask. I promise if anything comes of it we will let the world know ;) in the meantime, we have plenty of auditions to keep us busy, along with a temp job and loving our suhweet basement haven. We saw Aladdin down at Tuachan...and let's just say we don't recommend it, the performances were wonderful, the writing, not so much...but Addi and I had a truly amazing time relaxing at the pool, napping, eating out, and watching TV. It was so nice to take things easy, so a very successful trip!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

this weekend.

well, we're off for the weekend to go to St. George! 
we are going to see Aladdin at Tuachan with this lovely sister of mine, and hopefully swim :)
hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

weeeee're baaaaackkkk!

i'm happy to announce we are back home! our time in w. yellowstone has come to a close, and i would like to point out that i escaped bear country without even having to camp ONCE! ...or seeing a bear, which i am truly sad about. so what's next you might say? we have no idea! for right now, all we can say is that we have settled,very nicely, back into grandma Sheri's, indefinitely (i feel like a newlywed again!), and that auditions for new jobs have already begun! we are starting some temp jobs tomorrow with our bestie, Mickey, in the mean time. we had the perfect day today, seeing both sides of the family and eating delicious food. happy labor day! here's one of my favorite performances of the summer:

and my favorite quote of the summer? "the fudge is fresh, just like Aldolfo!"-Addison Welch, during "Drowsy Chaperone" intermission selling fudge :)