Monday, August 20, 2012

oh darling, let's be adventurers.

can you believe we have less than two weeks left here in West Yellowstone? crazy. it has been a long, but short summer if you know what i mean. yesterday was Playmill Christmas! which is basically where the cast exchanges gifts, and each cast member receives a gift from the Merrills. guess what! we got a TV! it was absolutely nuts. we are so blessed and grateful.

i've seen this everywhere and thought it describes our summer in bear country perfectly.
 i love this one too.
i've learned so much up here. not what i thought i'd learn...and definitely not the way i thought i'd be learning anything. but i guess that's how the Lord works, right? some highlights of my summer are:

1 seeing Addison in the theatre everyday.
2 making lifelong friends (esp the Mosses and Jack/Brian)
3 learning more about character roles. Kitty in Drowsy is definitely my favorite role, and i didn't expect that. never thought of myself as a character actress, but i definitely won't limit myself next time!
4 the peaceful day times when i can sit in the sun and read.
5 watching my little herb garden grow.
6 drives through YNP with my hubby.
7 late night batman trips.
8 wave runners!
9 thrifting with the Mosses.
10 bike ride with parents.
11 ANY visit from family/friends.
12 3 bear french toast sandwich for breakfast!
13 late night wild west pepperoni pizza.
14 ANYTHING from woodside bakery.
15 arrowleaf icecream.

yes....i am aware that the last 4 things on that list are food items...but food makes me really happy!


TyandMar said...

I'm so glad we got to come up and see dirty rotten! You guys are both so awesome and we had a blast watching you! Can't wait for you to be back home soon!

Bailee said...
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Jennie Moss said...

I love you and i am happy I am your bestieeeee