Tuesday, August 7, 2012

family reunion 2012: survivor edition + a little treat!

our family reunion this year was planned around addi and i getting cast here at Playmill! so, we were able to have my entire family up to West Yellowstone this year...little did they know, this would not be your typical family reunion.

the family got here Thursday afternoon, where they settled into our huge cabin in island park.  that night, Addi and I traveled down to island park to be with the family all of friday. that morning my sister Kirsten and I made our delicious breakfast of peaches and cream french toast, recipe found here, paired with sausage and bacon...and of course...crystal light...made with the kitchen sinks' tap water...which normally wouldn't be a big deal, riiiiiight? wrong.

that night, after eating at a 50's diner for dinner with the whole family, in celebration of my mother's birthday...disaster struck. let's just say that the plumbing was well used. one by one, through the night we started dropping like flies. by the morning 7 of us were gonners, addi and i included...which was awful considering Saturdays are our 3 show days. luckily, the Lord had us on his mind, and we survived with mild symptoms that day. it. was. awful. we, of course 1st assumed food poisoning from the 50's diner we had all eaten at the day before, but we could never figure a common denominator of the culprit ingredient.

we come to find out from our cabin neighbors that 9/11 of their group was down, as well as an entire family that had eaten with them the night before....we also found out that our two cabins shared a water well. it was the WATER, ghahhh! the tap water that my sister and i had used for our crystal light making was the main culprit..as of this morning, 25/28 of my family were down. addi and i are happy to report that we get hit with waves of nausea every once and a while, but are for the most part great...which cannot be said for the majority of my family.

this also means, unfortunately, that there are a shortage of pictures when it comes to this years' reunion. but there are a few:

our bike ride with the parents! we had so much fun, and actually kept up with them!

i got to play Winnie the night my family came!

this will forever be known as the death cabin...

as much pain...and driving it was for not much play, it was so wonderful to have my family near. Addi and i talked about how we just feel rejuvenated and  recharged to finish out the last 3 weeks here strong. it has been much more challenging up here than i expected-in ways that i never expected. but you really can't beat performing with your husband every night, he really is the highlight of every show for me. so talented, such good instincts, such a strong voice, he's a pleasure to watch onstage.

..maybe i'll share a little treat with you guys...

i asked my stage manager to take this video from "drowsy" so that whenever i'm feeling blue, i'll have it to watch. I seriously cannot watch it without laughing-and i've seen it over 50 times by now! enjoy.


TyandMar said...

Best part of the reunion hands down was watching you guys on stage! You are both so fun to watch! I lived aldolpho! ;) and I hate the death cabin. Boo

Bailee said...

Bre, I love your blog. :) The end.

And I'm so sorry about your family and the water! That's terrible.