Thursday, August 30, 2012

days of bliss.

Our trip to Utah has come to a close, but let me tell you, we did not waste a single minute. We got all our favorites in!

Family dinner with the Welches
Game night with our sweet Larsons and Lindsey
A walk in Heber with my mom
Kneaders endless French toast
Outlet malls
Hot tubbing
Tending sweet nephews
City creek+blue lemon
Sno shack
Sister time
Seeing brother in "little women"
First Thai food experience with great friends
Orange leaf
Friend time
Family time

I was saying to Addi last night, it's as if we took all the elements that we love about our classic Utah summers and stuffed them into 4 days. It was fantastic!

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ayley said...

did you like blue lemon?? it's one of my favorite places!