Wednesday, July 11, 2012

thus far...

the 9 things i've learned thus far in my time in w yellowstone...

1 i love music that is not musical theatre. there is something so refreshing and balanced out about having a several "communities" of passion. i'm listening to a lot of mumford and sons, lenka, kina grannis, and florence + the machine lately. 

2 i actually do love to read. it's been about 4 years since i've read something just for my own benefit-thank you college. there just wasn't time!
       -also-Addi does NOT like to read. BUT he loves when I read out loud to him, which i just happen to enjoy very much-win/win? yes.

3 i got everything i wanted and more from my education at Weber State University. i have always been a bit puzzled by why the Lord was so adamant about my attending Weber {other than meeting the love of my life} but now, in talking to so many students from other universities about their experiences, their frustrations with their programs, and what they wished they could've gotten from those thousands of tuition dollars....well, wow. i am truly blessed. firstly, that i never paid for a single semester of college because of the Musical Theatre program's tuition waivers. but also because my education was truly first rate. i had SO many opportunities to be involved, performing-wise and behind the scenes. do you know that many graduate from MT programs without ever being in a main-stage show? that's ridiculous-and completely beside the point of a performance major! my classes and voice lessons were so personal and just what i needed. my directors were superb-i don't think i realized how much until now.

4 photoshop is fun, and i'm getting better at it :)

5 i kinda enjoy teaching? hmmm...never thought i'd say that. i had the opportunity yesterday to teach a song interpretation class yesterday to our youth summer camp-and it was really fun! it's cool to know that i feel comfortable teaching that kind of thing to high school kids-i know my stuff! again, thank you college!

6 i replenish energy from my alone time/just addi time. sometimes i feel a bit anti-social here, but considering i spend about 8 hours a night at the theatre with my cast, i don't feel too bad. but sometimes there's nothing better than a few hours to yourself.

7 addi and i are very very different-but the same in all the things that matter.

8 i really do want to own my own theatre one day.

9 a disposal in the kitchen sink really is a NECESSITY. seriously, folks? did you know they even made kitchen sinks without them? it makes doing the dishes the biggest 2 hour hassle of your life. note to self {ALWAYS invest in a kitchen sink disposal, or better yet, a dishwasher-oh man, the luxury.}

these are the things i know.

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Bailee said...

I love Kina Grannis, and Lenka, and pretty much all of that music. :)

And I don't think you're anti social. I get my energy from ME time, too. :)

This was a cute post! Love you Bre