Sunday, July 1, 2012


this last week, we have truly been spoiled blessed and taken care of.

1. we started the week off with an amazing visit from the Welches. but this time, we got Sheri and Lyle tooooo! we finally broke the news to them that we will indeed be staying at their brand new suite in their basement once more. we cannot wait to spend more time with these two. the fam came bearing gifts: gingercreams {the most delicious cookie in the world}, and a foot pampering kit for me. ahhhhhh-my feet are singing praises to my name.

2. we finished up rehearsals this week! which means that we have our mornings and afternoons free!! i cannot tell you how much joy this brings me. we also get to start our jobs in the box office :)

3. i broke my permanent and nighttime one. {i know what you're saying-she's a 22 year old, why is she still wearing her retainer? well, when you have to go through the humiliation of having your first kiss with braces that you not only had once, but twice, then we'll talk} so when I called for an appointment, we were looking at about $300, which is a lot. when we got there-the ortho was fantastic. sweetest man i've ever met-huge fan of the Playmill...let's just say, it ended up being 1/3 of the cost. tithing is a wonderful blessing.

4. my parents came to visit tooooo! they were the first visitors that we actually got to spend some time with now that rehearsals are done. we went into Yellowstone a couple times, but mostly just ate and talked with each other. in spite of much begging, they had to leave this morning :( miss them already.

5. Addi and I both had cold sores that have successfully come and gone. between the two of us, we kiss too many people in the shows, that we really can't afford to have cold sores!

6. our 9-11 {sometimes 12} year old Primary class had a head count of 43 today. we are blessed we survived :) Addi and I have a goal to be better at reading our scriptures together. this new calling really has been a blessing to help us with that. we read a conference talk or a chapter from our lesson in Alma every night and I can already feel a difference in not only my spiritual well-being, but in our relationship. we have spiritual discussions more often and get to talk about stuff that is truly important.

"flowers" for our opening night of "Annie'.
my little garden outside our door is blossoming.

the 9 states that our 40+ kid primary class came from.
primary today. happy 4th of july?

me and old faithful. oh, and some geyser behind us? haha-just kidding.

Kitty/Sheri + Aldolfo/Lyle at intermission for "Drowsy".
we got to meet Jennie's family-so sweet!
all in all, a great week. can't wait to see what the holiday brings!

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Shawnee said...

I MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!! what are your plans after this summer? Also, I'm in love with the fact that addi is into arrested development. best show ever. Miss you guys so much. love you!