Wednesday, July 4, 2012

happy day of independence!

there is something so wonderful and perfect about a day to sleep-in and go to breakfast with sweet friends. here's to two early shows {"Drowsy" tonight} and a bbq on the roof of the theatre tonight!

this 4th has made me really miss my family. I hope the Welch side is having a blast at the paradise pool, and the Briggs with all their other activities. can't wait to see everyone real soon!
Happy bbq/swim/watermelon/homemade ice cream/firework{not in UTAH}/sunscreen/sleep-in/flip-flop/popsicle -ING to all!

**we're keeping all of burning Utah and our sweet friend Hannah {who plays Janet in "Drowsy"} in our prayers. Hannah broke her sacrum in a motorcycling accident this weekend, and is out of the shows for at least month :(

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Jennie Moss said...

We is best friends and this is why. Because we have adventures at the lake, but also like sleepovers, but also love the same music. why in heavens name did we not know eachother before....