Sunday, July 15, 2012

all was quiet on the lake.

all was quiet on the lake,
until our friend, Maggie, would not partake.
we pushed and prodded, but no matter what we tried,
Maggie stood stiff-legged until she sighed,
"well i MIGHT jump in, if I had a friend...
who'll jump if I jump? that might make me bend."
Stacy chimed in, "ooo! I'll take that bet!
it's a safe one at that, she won't take a step."
"I'll jump!", "Oh, I'll jump!" several friends cheered
but sweet Maggie stood still, over the dock she peered.

Then Bailee took a jab,
"Alright, I propose:
if you jump, then I'll jump
even wearing all my clothes."

"Haha!", Maggie triumphantly laughed!
She took a few steps back...
took a deep breath...
plugged her nose...
then flung her body into the air for a glorious splash!

"You did it!" "Go Maggie!" the whole dock exclaimed.
now it was time to do what they'd claimed.
into the algae waters, icy cold,
 with back flips, and dives, and fully clothed 
one by one, by twos and threes,
they all jumped in with Maggie to please.
-Bre Welch/July 2012

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Bailee said...

Bre, I cannot tell you how much I love and adore this post! So cute! :)