Thursday, July 12, 2012

adventure is out there!

this summer, one of my goals is to get more proficient at photoshop {that way i don't have to bug addi every time i want to edit a photo or start a project}. i've always wanted a big map with actual pins for my home, but for now, with much moving and inconsistency still happening in our sort-of newlywed life, this will have to do. i've been harping on addi to finish a world map for me-just because i think it's cool that we've lived in so many places {just 3!} in a year and a half of marriage.  after much begging, i decided to do it myself-and i'm pretty pleased!
after drawing it all out...those little dots don't seem as impressive as i thought, but i can't wait to add to it over the years! i also confess that i can't take all the credit for this image-Addi drew/photoshoped the hot air balloon image with us inside for our grad announcement, which you can admire here...but the rest was me!

so the rule to this map is that we could only put places we had visited together. and that to have "lived" there, we had to have been for at least a month. oh, how i adore those 2 little dots on the other side of the ocean. those dots represent our beloved memories:

-in Scotland with the Sharkey's
-our crazy play frenzy in London
-our honeymoon!
-living in the BA apartment with Sheri/Lyle
-our sweet first apartment together in Ogden

and now our summer at Playmill. i love that I get to share that with my husband. huzzah for life!

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SamanthaZ said...

Your hubby is very talented! But you are too :) photoshop is something I'd love to learn. The map is a great idea bre! I would love one someday!