Sunday, July 29, 2012

a day of rest.

It truly has been a day of rest! Thank heaven... It's been a very exhausting week, physically but mostly emotionally. So we have done nothing of consequence today, other than teaching primary and doing the dishes. I am quite content, other than my constant desire to see Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Leo bloom in "the producers". *sigh*

Well happy sabbath all!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

and so it begins.

it should come as no surprise to you that I have been completely addicted and at awe with my new iphone 4s the last few days. here's some proof:

it's been a very crazy and rough week up here... but it's helped me remember the importance of family. it's so good to have a family to ground you, put things in you remember the truly importance things in life. i've got a great one, on all sides. so grateful to have the Welches here this week, and can't wait to see mine next week! it's been far too long.

Monday, July 23, 2012

i'm getting an iphone tomorrow :) i almost couldn't sleep with excitement last night-and whenever i did sleep it was all dreams about a technological web of the glorious iphone. ugh, i can't believe i've come to this...but i can't wait! maybe by some miracle the iphone 5 will have come out tomorrow and our iphone 4S's will be $100! this was also something i dreamt about...also working for Disney...hmmm.

oh! and addi bought me these beautiful turquoise/spiny oyster shell earrings. he knows me too well!
sorry the pic isn't too great-it was taken with my dim phone (it's not a smart phone/not an ancient phone). my pictures will be much better come tomorrow!

virginia city.

 we got a little escape from the everyday today. we took a little day trip to virginia city! it was such a great release to get away from everything.
the loudest organ in Montana.

 we were feeling a little emo/hipster.
photoshoot time...
 the best part of the day was the company! how we love our Mosses.

theatre camp.

well, i tell you, it has been a fun week! Addi and I got asked to be camp counselors this week, which was a blast. i got to teach a few classes, which was really cool to see my knowledge be put to use. i was so nervous, but felt very confident after a few minutes of teaching. here are a few pictures of my sweet and very talented girls :)
hurray for education! i can't wait to do something like this again.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

all was quiet on the lake.

all was quiet on the lake,
until our friend, Maggie, would not partake.
we pushed and prodded, but no matter what we tried,
Maggie stood stiff-legged until she sighed,
"well i MIGHT jump in, if I had a friend...
who'll jump if I jump? that might make me bend."
Stacy chimed in, "ooo! I'll take that bet!
it's a safe one at that, she won't take a step."
"I'll jump!", "Oh, I'll jump!" several friends cheered
but sweet Maggie stood still, over the dock she peered.

Then Bailee took a jab,
"Alright, I propose:
if you jump, then I'll jump
even wearing all my clothes."

"Haha!", Maggie triumphantly laughed!
She took a few steps back...
took a deep breath...
plugged her nose...
then flung her body into the air for a glorious splash!

"You did it!" "Go Maggie!" the whole dock exclaimed.
now it was time to do what they'd claimed.
into the algae waters, icy cold,
 with back flips, and dives, and fully clothed 
one by one, by twos and threes,
they all jumped in with Maggie to please.
-Bre Welch/July 2012

Saturday, July 14, 2012

the night when an apostle comes to watch our performance.

well, Thursday's "Drowsy" show had an unexpected guest this week! after he was seated, Addison turns to me and goes, "who is the apostle that looks like our nephew, Louis?" and I said, "Richard G. Scott??" YES-indeed it was! and yes, my nephew does have an uncanny resemblance to him.
what is an apostle you might ask? well, in the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints we have twelve of them-just like in the days of Christ, also a living Prophet. apostles are called in our church to be a special witness of Jesus Christ. to learn more, click here.

i went up to him during intermission and asked to shake his hand, and he said, "ah! well can i shake yours!?" -such a sweet man. he asked my name, and i said, "Bre Welch...or Kitty!" and winked at him, as we are supposed to be selling concessions at intermission as our characters.
Can you spot him?
such a wonderful night. he told me that i gave a beautiful performance, that Addi stole the show and that Addi had a beautiful wife :) in honor of his attendance, my scripture study that night was reading his conference talk from the April 2012. My favorite quote was: