Monday, June 11, 2012

a visit!

Some of my favorite moments of the last two weeks:

-practicing my splits in between the seats of the theatre.
-everything is in walking distance. LOVE that.
-i never do my hair/makeup until the show that night...kind of a plus and a minus...
-11 o'clock pm cast parties at Red Lotus chinese.
-collecting love notes to compile in a book for Bailee's surprise birthday party!
-Addi's birthday!
-popping the concessions popcorn with my new brother, jack.
-late nigh talks with Jennie and Aaron Moss.
-Addi's dashing/fake greying temples for "Dirty". he is going to age so well!
-waking up to Addi practicing his Austrian accent in his sleep. way funny.
-preparing 2 unlucky goldfish to be held in Ruprecht's mouth each night for "Dirty". SO GROSS.
-watching "mob wives" and "evil under the sun" for research on Jersey/standard american accents.
-late night trips to Wild West pizza. delish.
-sleeping in till 10 am yesterday morning-all rejoice.
-oh, yeah. actually making money ;)
-a visit from family!
our first trip into Yellowstone park!
bison X-ing.
 "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" opened this last week-here we are at the end of the show! our relatives came! our cousin, Brooklyn, plays Jolene Oakes. so fun to get closer to our family :)

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