Tuesday, June 19, 2012

more photos of this weekend.

The more time we've spent up in West Yellowstone, the more we've realized how special our relationships are. We can be, literally, in the middle of nowhere, but with good company, life is good. Our friend from school, Bailee, has always been like a sister to us. We adore Jack, whom we now call our little brother. A visit from the Larsons was like manna from heaven. And living without our Landon is like living without one of our limbs! Little did we know who quickly we'd bond with the married couples here: Hannah/Jake and Jennie/Aaron.
It's rather fun watching Addi and Aaron bond. Who knew?
Oh, how we adore great people. We are so blessed.

Monday, June 18, 2012

a breath of fresh air.

The last couple days were like eating a yummy dessert! Our bestest friends in the world, the Larsons and our sweet brother Landon, came to visit. I cannot tell you how badly it was needed! Amongst all of our rehearsals and shows, we found some moments to spare and soak up the friends, sunlight, and baby Cha Cha.
Addi finally got to take his birthday present out for a spin.
Then Aaron proposed to me...lies. He's just helping me tie my kite!
I think Jennie found herself a new best friend.
Breakfast in bed. we are definitely SPOILED by the Larsons!
a picnic, breakfast in bed, late night hair dying, Cha taking steps, night talks, birthday chocolate, movies, slumber parties, Cha saying "addi", a walk through Yellowstone.
These guys are the cream of the crop, the butter to our toast. 
Seriously, these guys are family.

Mickey and I mistake ourselves for the other in pictures all the time, I guess that just means that we're sisters.

Friday, June 15, 2012

a birthday celebration!

Jack, Bailee, and Jennie.
We got yesterday off to celebrate Heidi's birthday! We went to Rexburg Rapids for a day in the sun.

After the pool, we went to get pizza, saw a MIB3, and then went out to ice cream! It was a much needed day off. That day off will get us through the next week and a half until "Annie Get Your Gun" opens. In the mean time, we're getting some visitors tonight! The Larsens are coming up, and we can't wait.
Wish us luck on two shows of, "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" tonight.

Monday, June 11, 2012

a visit!

Some of my favorite moments of the last two weeks:

-practicing my splits in between the seats of the theatre.
-everything is in walking distance. LOVE that.
-i never do my hair/makeup until the show that night...kind of a plus and a minus...
-11 o'clock pm cast parties at Red Lotus chinese.
-collecting love notes to compile in a book for Bailee's surprise birthday party!
-Addi's birthday!
-popping the concessions popcorn with my new brother, jack.
-late nigh talks with Jennie and Aaron Moss.
-Addi's dashing/fake greying temples for "Dirty". he is going to age so well!
-waking up to Addi practicing his Austrian accent in his sleep. way funny.
-preparing 2 unlucky goldfish to be held in Ruprecht's mouth each night for "Dirty". SO GROSS.
-watching "mob wives" and "evil under the sun" for research on Jersey/standard american accents.
-late night trips to Wild West pizza. delish.
-sleeping in till 10 am yesterday morning-all rejoice.
-oh, yeah. actually making money ;)
-a visit from family!
our first trip into Yellowstone park!
bison X-ing.
 "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" opened this last week-here we are at the end of the show! our relatives came! our cousin, Brooklyn, plays Jolene Oakes. so fun to get closer to our family :)