Monday, May 21, 2012

praise the Lord, it's Sunday!

What a restful Sunday it has been. It is Addison and I's only day off during the week, and we relished in it today! I sang in church, and Addi gave a wonderful talk on kindness and acceptance. We traveled down south to the Merrils' parents home for a wonderful barbeque.
My new red locks! In an attempt to salvage my hair...that, let's say, had had the men washed out of it a few too many times in South Pacific, I went darker. It seems to have helped immensely!
Hannah, Paige, Clint, Bailee...and...Aldolpho.
Jake, Rivka, and John.
Lauren, Paul, Stacey, Annalyse, Maggie, Justin, Eliza, and Sam.
Jack! Man, I love this kid. I'm so glad Bailee made him audition-and what talent!
It was freezing!
Our new best friend Aaron-we missed his wife Jennie terribly today. Feel better, lady!
Waiting for the eclipse!
 SUCH a beautiful day. We are so lucky to be surrounded by wonderful people.

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Shawnee said...

1st - I miss you guys horribly
2nd - Your hair is adorable
3rd - We are planning a trip up to see you guys in August
4th - I am so glad you guys are having so much fun and making so many great friends!
5th - I am glad you finally have the internet so I can [continue] to stalk you