Tuesday, April 24, 2012

post-graduation life.

Why, hello! Well, I can't tell you how grand it feels, sitting here on a Tuesday morning. Slept in, ate breakfast, put some curlers in for the show tonight, Addison's out for a run (what??), and all I've got on the agenda today is a quick run to the store, and opening night for South Pacific! I'm diggin post graduation life so far. 
Graduation was a blast-seriously. As the youngest of 6, I've attended several grad ceremonies...and not to brag, but mine was by far the most entertaining. It was...well, "Xanadu"-themed! It was pretty rad, because the cast of "Xanadu" got to be pretty involved! Let's just say, I didn't walk on graduation day...I skated!
3 generations of Weber State Grads!
South Pacific is going well, we had a preview night on Saturday, in which most of my family already got to come to the show! My hair does not agree with the intense heat of curling before the show, getting wet, and blow drying/curling in 9.5 minutes before my next entrance. I swear my hair has never been so damaged-and it's only been a week! So any of your favorite tips for damaged hair will be appreciated! Thus, today, I am trying out those foam curlers from childhood-do you remember?? Man, just touch of them has sent me back!

We also had a bit of good luck! Addison and I won a photoshoot from our friend Amanda Rumsey Morgan. She is an extremely talented photographer and we knew she was up for a bit of fun, so we decided to go a bit theme-y. It turned out to be deliciously fun. Here's a little preview of our shoot:
Courtesy of Amanda Rumsey Photography.


favoritenic said...

protein treatments for the hair, love. it'll help rebuild what's being destroyed by heat and product.

favoritenic said...
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favoritenic said...

here are a few DIY treatments:


TyandMar said...

Cute pics!! We come see your show may 1.

SamanthaZ said...

Ah! Remember my hair tragedy in London, I just had to baby it and get lots of trims for about a year haha. Good luck! And congratulations again on graduation, isn't it wonderful?