Tuesday, April 10, 2012

the cap and gown.

Today Addi and I picked up our cap and gowns. It's for reallllll!!!! I can't believe it. Life is moving by so quickly! Spring has truly hit, and we've celebrated with an engagement and baby photo shoot!
We got all our grad announcements out today! Haha! We made a typo...we'll see if anyone notices...
And, of course, saw saw "Titanic" in 3D. Let me just say my heart will go on.
South Pacific rehearsals are going so very well! My husband is an artistic genius. The taunting thought of moving is hanging over us. Oh, and did I mention: we graduate in a week and a half? :)


TyandMar said...

So excited for you two!! Can't wait to see south pacific!

Keshara said...

congrats on graduation! my, how time flies, it's crazy.